Welcome to ECR City

If you have been to more than one ECR in recent years, you will have noticed the event just keeps getting bigger. Luckily, the area immediately surrounding our main congress building (the Austria Center Vienna) boasts incredible infrastructure and numerous locations perfectly suited to hosting our diverse congress activities. This is why we have added two more special spaces to our congress this year – the Cube and the Sky High Stage - creating our very own ‘ECR City’.

All locations are within a short walk of each other and the nearby U-Bahn station, and we have chosen each one to provide a unique setting for the sessions taking place within.

ECR City consists of the following locations:

Austria Center Vienna (ACV): well-established and home to the ECR for many years the ACV and the temporary structure used for the technical exhibition are the heart of ECR City.

M Building: only accessible through the Austria Center, this modern conference building rented from the United Nations is a great addition to the main ACV building. The International Village (national society booths) can be found here, as well as a variety of sessions and many meeting rooms.

The Cube: rooms in a nearby church have been rented, a contemporary architectural gem in a cuboid form, made of dark chromium steel; hence the term ‘the Cube’. This space is exclusively dedicated to interventional radiology and conveniently located between the underground exit and the congress venue.

Sky High Stage: overlooking the ACV and the whole of Vienna from the top of the neighbouring Saturn Tower, this spectacular location can be reached within minutes from all other ECR City locations. Our brand new MyT3 sessions will take place here, as well as the Clinical Trials sessions.

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