e-Learning Subcommittee
Chairperson: Sue Barter

Radiology Trainees Forum Subcommittee (RTF)
Chairperson: Martin Reim
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Undergraduate Education Subcommittee
Chairperson: Vicky Goh
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Education Committee
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e-Learning Subcommittee

The subcommittee on e-Learning takes care of the review and maintenance process of the ESR's e-Learning platform Education on Demand (

Radiology Trainees Forum Subcommittee (RTF)

The Radiology Trainees Forum (RTF) was established as an organisation to represent the views of radiology trainees.  

It is coordinated by its board and invites all ESR member countries to appoint a trainee representative. The current list of delegates can be viewed below.

RTF Subcommittee Board


Chairperson Martin Reim (EE)
Chairperson of the ESR Education Committee Minerva Becker (CH)
Chairperson of the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee Vicky Goh (UK)
ETAP 2.0 Scientific Director Hannu Aronen (FI)
EDiR Scientific Director Laura Oleaga (ES)
Member Ivo Dumić-Čule (HR)
Member Martina Pecoraro (IT)
Member Goran Milašin (HR)
Member Eoin O'Malley (IE)
Member Olga Shlyapkina (RU)
Member Markus Lerchbaumer (DE)
Member Madli-Kärt Uprus (EE)

Aims and Objectives of the RTF

The RTF’s objective is to represent the interests of radiology trainees within the ESR, especially with regard to education, careers, research and exchange programmes. The RTF’s most important goal is to provide an equal level of radiological knowledge and skills for radiology trainees all over Europe

What are the RTF’s objectives?

Ø  To stimulate discussion on educational matters within the ESR.

Ø  To help with the development and assessment of common standards and to promote equal opportunities for trainees throughout Europe to broaden and develop their experience early in their careers.

Ø  To promote research as a regular part of the radiological training curriculum and to encourage the development of paid research jobs.

Ø  To aid and encourage the ESR to facilitate and increase the exchange of knowledge and experience among radiology trainees in different European countries.

Ø  To represent European radiology trainees and young radiologists in the:

  • ESR Education Committee
  • ESR Research Committee
  • ESR e-Learning Subcommittee
  • ESR Undergraduate Education Subcommittee
  • ESOR Steering Committee

Ø  To develop surveys to assess different aspects of our above mentioned aims and activities.

Ø  To organise specific activities for radiology trainees during the European Congress of Radiology (Highlighted Lectures, Rising Stars Lounge, Meet and Greet Sessions).

History and Past Chairpersons of the RTF

Find out more about the History and the Past Chairpersons of the RTF in the document below!

If you wish to get in touch with the members of the RTF Board, an individual national delegate or if you want to receive more information, please send us a message!

Undergraduate Education Subcommittee

Chairperson  Vicky Goh (UK)
Chairperson of the Education Committee  Minerva Becker (CH)
Chairperson of the RTF  Martin Reim (EE)
ETAP 2.0 Scientific Director Hannu Aronen (FI)
Co-opted member  Tsvetelina Teneva (BG)
Co-opted member  Jim Zhong (UK)
Co-opted member

Mihaela Neica (RO)

Education Committee Board Liaison Miguel Souto Bayarri (ES)


The Undergraduate Education Subcommittee has developed "Becoming a radiologist", a guide for those interested in a career in radiology, medical imaging and interventional radiology. Please click here to view the booklet.