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The subcommittee on e-Learning takes care of the review and maintenance process of the ESR's e-Learning platform Education on Demand (learn.myESR.org)

Radiology Trainees Forum Subcommittee (RTF)

The Radiology Trainees Forum (RTF) was established as an organisation to represent the views of radiology trainees.  

It is coordinated by its board and invites all ESR member countries to appoint a trainee representative. The current list of delegates can be viewed below.

Aims and Objectives of the RTF

The RTF’s objective is to represent the interests of radiology trainees within the ESR, especially with regard to education, careers, research and exchange programmes. The RTF’s most important goal is to provide an equal level of radiological knowledge and skills for radiology trainees all over Europe

What are the RTF’s objectives?

Ø  To stimulate discussion on educational matters within the ESR.

Ø  To help with the development and assessment of common standards and to promote equal opportunities for trainees throughout Europe to broaden and develop their experience early in their careers.

Ø  To promote research as a regular part of the radiological training curriculum and to encourage the development of paid research jobs.

Ø  To aid and encourage the ESR to facilitate and increase the exchange of knowledge and experience among radiology trainees in different European countries.

Ø  To represent European radiology trainees and young radiologists in the:

  • ESR Education Committee
  • ESR Research Committee
  • ESR e-Learning Subcommittee
  • ESR Undergraduate Education Subcommittee
  • ESOR Steering Committee

Ø  To develop surveys to assess different aspects of our above mentioned aims and activities.

Ø  To organise specific activities for radiology trainees during the European Congress of Radiology (Highlighted Lectures, Rising Stars Lounge, Meet and Greet Sessions).

Contact Information

In order to contact the members of the RTF Board or an individual national delegate, please send us a message!

E-mail us

RTF Documents

Please find below some information on the current activities of the Radiology Trainees Forum and other interesting documents for trainees:

Further, two opinion papers developed by two working groups of the Research Committee in which an RTF representative was involved have been published in Insights into Imaging:

Medical imaging in personalised medicine: a white paper of the research committee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR)

DOI 10.1007/s13244-015-0394-0

Research education in Europe: an opinion paper by the European Society of Radiology 

DOI 10.1007/s13244-015-0397-x

National delegates

ALBANIA Arben Rroji
ARMENIA Garik Hovhannisyan
AUSTRIA Thomas Knogler
BELARUS Konstantin Kenigsberg
BELGIUM Laurens Topff
BULGARIA Snejina Georgieva
CROATIA Dubravko Bajramovic
CYPRUS Loizos Shakallis
DENMARK Tina Bødker Madsen
ESTONIA Martin Reim
FINLAND Matias Sinisalo
FRANCE Charles Roux
GEORGIA Ana Baramidze
GERMANY Katja Hueper
GREECE Despoina Panagiotidou
HUNGARY Bence Fejér
ICELAND Marteinn Smárason
IRELAND Ciaran Redmond

Rivka Kessner

ITALY Francesco Gentili
KAZAKHSTAN Yerlan Yemeshev
KOSOVO Fjolla Hyseni
LATVIA Atis Svare
LITHUANIA Raminta Luksaite
REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Natasha Hadji Nikolova
MALTA Richard Pullicino
MONTENEGRO Biljana Vulovic
THE NETHERLANDS Christine Tolman
NORWAY Billy Roger Parimalasingham
POLAND Kamila Sprężak
PORTUGAL Diogo Roriz
ROMANIA Mihai Ranete
RUSSIA Olga Shlyapkina
SERBIA Tijana Kokovic
SLOVAK REPUBLIC  Martina Jerzová
SPAIN Paloma Largo Flores
SWEDEN Sara Shams
TURKEY Deniz Turkyilmaz
UKRAINE Tetiana Arsenidze

Rashid Akhtar

Non-voting delegates:  
ARGENTINA Hugo José Paladini

Natália de Jesus Viana

COLOMBIA María Camila Arango
CUBA Mahily Paz Díaz de Villegas
LEBANON Gaelle Boustany
MEXICO Eloise Ruíz Castro
NICARAGUA Dexter Renald Hooker López
PERU Julio Marín

Grants & Fellowships

RTF Survey of information available on grants and fellowships
for radiologists in training in Europe

The survey performed from October 2005 to February 2006, and repeated up to November 2006.
A questionnaire was sent by e-mail to EAR RTF national representatives. Replies were received from a total of 19 countries.
Information collected was about radiological websites and national journals of radiology or medicine, as well as any other information which the RTF representative thought useful.
Unfortunately many countries do not have grants or fellowships open to foreign graduates, but nevertheless the information below may be useful.

1. Radiological association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Web page: www.radiologija.ba
Journal: Medicinski arhiv, Medicinski zurnal 
Web page: none given
Other: www.soros.org

2. Croatian Society of Radiology
Web page: www.radiologija.org 
Journal: Liječnički vjesnik
Web page: none given

3. Czech Radiological Society
Web page: none given
Journal: Česká Radiologie
Web page: www.clsjep.cz/nts/casop/radiologie/radiologie.asp
Other: Radiological Clinic, Faculty Hospital Brno
Web page: www.fnbrno.cz 
Faculty Thomayer Hospital Prague, www.ftn.cz 
General Faculty Hospital Prague, www.vfn.cz 
Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady, Prague, www.fnkv.cz 
Faculty Hospital Bulovka, Prague, www.fnb.cz 
Faculty Hospital Motol, Prague, www.fnmotol.cz 
Faculty Hospital St. Anna, Brno, www.fnusa.cz 
Faculty Hospital Olomouc, www.fnol.cz 
Faculty Hospital Plzen, www.fnplzen.cz 
Faculty Hospital Hradec Králové, www.fnhk.cz

4. Estonian Society of Radiology
Web page: www.ery.ee 
Journal: Eesti Arst (general medicine)
Web page: www.eestiarst.ee 
Other: University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine
Web page: www.med.ut.ee/study/postgtraining


5. The Radiological Society of Finland
Web page: www.sry.fi

6. Société française de radiologie (SFR)
www.sfrnet.org Grants for RSNA, ECR and APIP
Association parisienne des internes en radiologie (APIR) www.apir.fr link to Lille, Lyon and Bordeaux association of residents in radiology. List of fellowships
Collège des enseignants en radiologie de France (CERF) www.imagemed.org/cerf List of grants available for french radiologists

7. Greek Radiological Society and relevant webpages
Hellenic Radiological society www.helrad.org(English version available)
Hellenic College of Radiology
Hellenic Society of Interventional Radiology- Department of Radiology, 
School of Medicine, University of Patras - www.radiology.upatras.gr (English version available)
Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of Athens - www.rad.uoa.gr
Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of Thessalia - rad.med.uth.gr 

8. Radiological Society of Iceland
Webpage: www.lis.is 
Journal: Laeknabladid
Web page: www.laeknabladid.is

9. Ireland
Web page: www.radiology.ie

10. Italian association of radiology
Name: S.I.R.M. (Società Italiana di Radiologia Medica)
Web page: www.sirm.org 
Journal: "la radiologia medica"
Other: trainee page- (all specialists) www.specializzandi.orgwww.sims.mswww.raggix.it

11. Hungarian Society of Radiologists
Web page: www.socrad.hu 
Other useful information 
Web pages for the universities: www.dote.hu , www.sote.huwww.pote.huwww.szote.u-szeged.hu 

12. Macedonian Society of Radiology
Web page: not available in this moment
Other contact information if no web page (address, phone, e-mail)
Institute of Radiology, University Clinical Center,Vodnjanska 17,Skopje,Macedonia

13. Dutch radiological society
Webpage: www.radiologen.nl (heads of radiology departments should be personally contacted for information)
Dutch journal of medicine: www.ntvg.nl

14. Polish Medical Society of Radiology and Polish Journal of Radiologywww.polradiologia.org 

15. Romanian Society of Radiology and Medical Imaging
Web page: www.srim.ro 
Web page: www.univermed-cdgm.ro and www.uni-davila.ro

16. Russian Association of Radiology
Web page: www.radiologia.ru 
Journal: Vestnik Rentgenologii i Radiologii 

17. Spanish Society of Radiology
Name: SERAM (Sociedad Española de Radiología Médica)
Web page: www.seram.es 
Language of the web page: Spanish
SERAM grants: http://seram.es/modules.php?name=webstructure&lang=ES&idwebstructure=239

18. Sweden/Svensk Förening för Medicinsk Radiologi (radiological society) www.sfmr.se 
Läkartidningen (medical journal) www.slf.se 
Lund University www.medfak.lu.se Other Swedish universities for medicine also provide information about grants and fellowships (Göteborg, Linköping, Karolinska, Uppsala, Umeå)

19. Swiss society of radiology
Web page: www.sgr-ssr.ch 
Swiss medical weekly: Web page: www.smw.ch 
Other sites: www.saez.ch 
www.idkd.ch (Diagnostic course in Davos, Switzerland, very good annual course in spring (March or April) 

20. Türk Radyoloji Derneği ( Turkish Society of Radiology )
Web page: www.turkrad.org.tr 
Journal: Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Web page: www.dirjournal.org 
Other: Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Dept. of Radiology
Web page: www.hacettepe.edu.tr

21. UK

22. Association of Radiologists of Ukraine
Web page: http://www.aruk.org/ 
Journal: Radiological diagnostics 


The original Forum, the Junior Radiologists Forum (JRF), was created during the ECR Congress in Vienna in 1991 to improve the fields of training, career development and research for junior radiologists as well as to promote exchange programmes and the creation of national junior radiologists' organisations. JRF was given its own charter and held its first general assembly in 1993 where the first executive board was elected. 

In an effort to revitalise JRF and to increase the co-operation within European Radiology, EAR proposed changes to the JRF charter in 2006 and officially changed the Forum's name to Radiology Trainees Forum (RTF). In addition, the EAR - and later, after the merger between EAR and ECR, the ESR - welcomed the RTF's views on a number of matters such as the proposed new European Training Charter in Radiology and Teleradiology.

Today the RTF has 58 members; it is a subcommittee of the ESR Education Committee and it is represented by a board consisting of a chairperson, the Education Committee Chairperson and 3 - 5 members.

The RTF tries to promote and co-ordinate the efforts of radiology trainees at a European level in order to improve the progress of radiology and related sciences. Apart from that, one of the RTF's most important goals is to provide an equal level of radiological knowledge and skills for radiology trainees all over Europe in close collaboration with the national societies and the ESR.

Present RTF Chairperson:  
2017-2018 Atis Svare (LV)
Past Chairpersons:  
2015-2017 Costin Minoiu (RO)
2013-2015 Viola Koen (NL)
2011-2013 Deniz Bulja (BA) 
2009-2011 Peter R. Kornaat (NL)
2007-2009 Christiane Nyhsen (UK)
2005-2007 Anagha P. Parkar (NO)

Luis Gorospe (ES, stepped down mid-term)

Gergely Turoczy (HU, Vice chairman)

2001-2003 Milos Lucic (YU)
1999-2001 Andras Vargha (HU)
1997-1999 Vasco M. Ramalho (PT)
1995-1997 Jiri Neuwirth (CZ)
1993-1995 Paolo Pavone (IT)


Undergraduate Education Subcommittee

Chairperson  Vlastimil Válek
Chairperson of the Education Committee  Laura Oleaga
Chairperson of the RTF  Atis Svare
Representative for ESOR Malgorzata Szczerbo-Trojanowska
Representative for the PPC  Roberto Iezzi
Representative for the Rising Stars Programme   
Co-opted member  Denis Bulja
Co-opted member  Fatih Seker
Co-opted member

Carmelo Messina


The Undergraduate Education Subcommittee has developed "Becoming a radiologist", a guide for those interested in a career in radiology, medical imaging and interventional radiology. Please click here to view the booklet.

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