Research Comm. Chair
Prof. Marc Dewey (DE)

Research Comm. Board / ESR 2nd VP
Prof. Carlo Catalano (IT)

Research Comm. Board / EIBIR Scientif. Director
Prof. Gabriel P. Krestin (NL)

Research Comm. Board / EIBALL Chair & Imaging biobanks liaison
Prof. Aad van der Lugt (NL)

Research Comm. Board interoperability expert
Prof. Peter Mildenberger (DE)

Research Comm. Board / RTF rep
Dr. Eoin O'Malley (IR)

Research Comm. Board member at large
Dr. Steve Halligan (UK)

Research Comm. Board member at large
Prof. Alejandro Rovira (ES)

Research Comm. Board member at large
Prof. Luís Curvo Semedo (PT)

Research Comm. Board member at large
Prof. Anne Cotten (FR)

Society Delegates to the Committee

Armenia Hovhannes Vardevanyan Austria Richard Nolz
Azerbaijan Leyla Musayeva Belarus Volha Vadzianava
Belgium Piet Vanhoenacker Bulgaria

Silvia Tsvetkova


Krešimir Dolić


Chrysa Tziakouri

Czech Republic Tomáš Andrašina Denmark

Michael Bachmann Nielsen

Estonia Juhan Reimand Finland Roberto Blanco Sequeiros
France Laure Fournier Georgia Dudana Gachechiladze
Germany Frank G. Wacker Greece Kyriakos Stringaris
Hungary  Zsigmond Tamás Kincses Iceland  Helgi Már Jónsson
Ireland Peter Beddy Israel Eli Konen
Italy Massimo Midiri Kazakhstan Zhanibek Baiturlin
Latvia Ardis Platkajis Lithuania Jurate Dementaciviene
Malta Kelvin Cortis Montenegro, Republic of Marija Abramović
Netherlands Anouk Van Der Hoorn Norway Karen Rosendahl
Poland Katarzyna Katulska Portugal Hugo Marques
Romania Ioana Gheonea Russia Konstantin Zavadovsky
Serbia Mirjan Nadrljanski Slovakia Kamil Zeleňák
Slovenia Peter Popovic Spain Josep Munuera del Cerro
Sweden Katrine Riklund Switzerland Jean-Paul Vallée
Turkey Ulku Kerimoglu Ukraine Olena Odoshevska
United Kingdom Luc Bidaut    


CIRSE Peter Reimer ESCR Birgitta Velthuis
ESER Mehmet Erturk ESGAR Jaap Stoker
ESHIMT Ivo Rausch ESHNR Berit Verbist
ESMRMB Andrew Webb ESNR Sven Haller
ESOI Evis Sala ESPR Owen Arthurs
ESSR Mario Maas ESTI Mario Silva
ESUR Evis Sala EUSOBI Ritse Mann
EuSoMII Peter van Ooijen


  • Periodic survey of the research communities’ needs
  • Development of recommendations for radiologists to engage with different fields of research and innovation
  • Provide strategic recommendations for the research field to the ESR Executive Council
  • Leverage cooperation between research disciplines
  • Provide the liaison of the ESR with the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) and help to promote its services and activities
  • Foster networking and liaising with scientific biomedical European societies
  • Provide recommendations and guidelines for lung cancer screening jointly with the European Respiratory Society
  • Coordinate activities related to imaging biobanks and biomarkers (see EIBALL):
    • To promote the development of imaging biobanks and intelligent tools for the analysis and processing of imaging biomarkers
    • To promote the standardisation, validation and benchmarking of the imaging data included in those biobanks
    • To stimulate the linking and integration of existing (national and regional) image data repositories related to populations, screening /early detection and disease
    • To stimulate the link between imaging biobanks and traditional biobanks through the development of standards and liaison with BBMRI-ERIC (Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure)
    • To explore the economical, ethical/legal issues for the management of imaging biobanks
  • Coordinate activities aimed to foster research education:

European Imaging Biomarkers Alliance - EIBALL


EIBALL chair
Prof. Aad Van der Lugt (NL)

EIBALL ex officio member - ResComm chair
Prof. Marc Dewey (DE)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise on education
Prof. Laure Fournier (FR)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise on segmentation standardisation project
Prof. Nandita deSouza (UK)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise on QIBA ASL Profile
Prof. Xavier Golay (UK)

EIBALL co-opted member - cross-representation eHealth and Informatics SC
Prof. Elmar Kotter (DE)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise (ESHI-MT representative)
Prof. Olivier Clément (FR)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise (EIBIR rep)
Prof. Anders Persson (SE)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise (ESMRMB rep)
Prof. Edwin Oei (NL)

EIBALL co-opted member with specific expertise (RSNA QIBA rep)
Dr. Gudrun Zahlmann (DE)

EIBALL member
Prof. Christian Loewe (AT)
Dr.Maria Franca (PT)
Dr. Anna Caroli (IT)
Dr. James O'Connor (UK)
Prof. Nathalie Lassau (FR)
Dr. Lena Costaridou (GR)
Prof. Karen Rosendahl (NO)
Dr. Pim de Graaf (NL)
Prof. Sergios Gatidis (DE)
Prof. Steven Sourbron (UK)

The activities of the former ESR Subcommittee on Imaging Biomarkers, ESR Working Group on Personalised Medicine and ESR-EORTC Working Group were merged into EIBALL.

  • Coordinate all ESR activities concerning imaging biomarkers
  • Prepare an inventory of all activities and projects in the field of imaging biomarkers where the ESR is involved
  • Serve as a tool box that provides information about current projects, centres involved in clinical trials and educational activities
  • Define possible imaging biomarkers in different human body regions; oncologic as well as non-oncologic
  • Establish a functional biomarker profile that is current and relevant through the development of an online inventory of biomarkers
  • Enable and encourage the clinical use of biomarkers by setting standards for data acquisition and image processing
  • Closely collaborate with EIBIR to maintain an updated list of European centres of excellence (core institutions) for the implementation and clinical validation of imaging biomarkers
  • Closely collaborate with the EORTC (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer) and its Imaging Group with regard to the inclusion of radiologists in multicentre trials and the development of a biomarker inventory
  • Closely collaborate with QIBA (technical validation synergies) to avoid duplication of development and EORTC (biological validation) to coordinate strategies, find complementarity, and benefit from synergies

EIBALL Mission Statement