March 2017

HIMSS Satellite Symposium introduced the first Digital Imaging Adoption Model results

We are so happy to share feedback on the HIMSS Satellite Symposium at ECR 2017, which attracted attendees from various different fields and countries. This session provided an opportunity to learn more about the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) and the benefits for Healthcare providers. The speakers gave insights on how to leverage information technology in imaging departments to improve workflows and care outcomes. Monief Eid, one of the speakers provided some very detailed information about the status quo of Healthcare IT in Saudi Arabia with some statistical data.
He shared his experience of using the DIAM to measure IT maturity in radiology departments and identify gaps for improvement. His presentation was very practical and useful for many participants who asked many questions afterwards. Cheryl Peterilge explained the importance of Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is one of the 10 DIAM key focus areas and a very popular topic nowadays; the attendees learned about some interesting new AI applications in this talk. It was truly a Symposium to remember! We are already working on the next DIAM events and looking forward to seeing the DIAM followers again.

You can stream a video recording of the Symposium, by clicking the button below.