November 2019

Kurt Anton Amplatz (1924 - 2019)

The ESR is sad to report that Professor Kurt Anton Amplatz, one of the great pioneers in Adult and Paediatric Cardiology and Interventional Radiology, has passed away on November 6, 2019, in his 95th year of life.

Prof. Amplatz has published hundreds of scientific papers, book chapters and books, while teaching and training generations of cardiologists and interventional radiologists. He was also awarded the Gold Medal of the European Congress of Radiology and the European Association of Radiology in the year 2000.

The impact that Prof. Amplatz has created in his field is paramount and his creative genius certainly did not stop with his retirement. In 1995 he founded the AGA company which produced catheter based devices to treat infants and children born with life threatening heart defects and after the acquisition of AGA, Prof. Amplatz started another medical device company, KA Medical, which continues today.

He will be dearly missed by his colleagues and friends.