October 2017

The ESR is leading a thematic network on Medical training and professional development for patient safety in the EU Health Policy Platform (HPP), an online forum used by the European Commission to facilitate its contacts with health stakeholders. The thematic network seeks to explore the connection between education and professional development with enhanced patient safety.

The main outcome of the thematic network is a joint statement, proposing actions to improve medical training, professional development and patient safety in Europe. The statement is now online in the HPP and available for comments by interested stakeholders, before the 2017 thematic network cycle ends at a meeting in Brussels on November 27, attended by EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis .

Stakeholder organisations are invited to comment and endorse the joint statement. The more organisations support these proposals, the more weight they will carry with EU policy makers!

To provide your input and endorse the joint statement, please post your comments in the ESR thematic network within the HPP. To do so, a free ECAS account is needed.

You can also contact the ESR EU Affairs Department for more information.

EU HPP - ESR Thematic Network