December 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017 (ESR, Vienna) – The European Society of Radiology (ESR) announces the launch of a new ESR iGuide web portal to widen access to the ESR imaging referral guidelines. To be launched by the European Congress of Radiology 2018 (February 28–March 4), the stand-alone version of the ESR iGuide clinical decision support system is designed to help ESR members, referring physicians, healthcare organisations and EU and IAEA member states comply with European and international radiation protection standards. By making this announcement during the IAEA International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine, where the ESR is a cooperating organisation, the ESR hopes to raise awareness in Europe and beyond of the importance of the appropriate use of medical imaging.


As a cooperating organisation of the IAEA International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine, the ESR has the opportunity to present its radiation protection activities under the umbrella of the EuroSafe Imaging campaign. EuroSafe Imaging translated the IAEA-WHO 2012 Bonn Call for Action into a European perspective, focusing on developing guidance and practical tools to support ESR members with the implementation of the European Basic Safety Standards Directive (2013/59/Euratom) as well as the international basic safety standards for radiation protection and safety of radiation sources, published by the IAEA in 2014.

In this context, the ESR is proud to announce the launch of a new, publicly accessible ESR iGuide portal solution, offering access to the ESR’s imaging referral guidelines based on the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria, through the stand-alone clinical decision support (CDS) tool provided by National Decision Support Company (NDSC).

Prof.dr. Paul M. Parizel, Chair of the ESR Board of Directors, welcomed the announcement: “This new portal is a major step forward in the ESR’s vision to make imaging referral guidelines easily accessible to users at the point of care. As we know, medical imaging is not always used appropriately, and increasing the adherence to evidence-based guidance is an effective way to improve radiation protection for patients.”

“In Europe, this comes at the right time, as member states are implementing the Euratom basic safety standards directive until February 2018. The ESR and EuroSafe Imaging are committed to supporting the effective implementation of radiation safety measures in clinical practice, and the new portal represents a milestone in the ESR’s cooperation with the ACR and NDSC” added EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee Chair Prof. Guy Frija.

The portal provides straightforward workflow options for users to easily consult the ESR’s recommendations for appropriate imaging for over 1,800 clinical indications. This offers a solution for referring physicians to access referral guidelines where a full integration into electronic order entry systems is not available. In addition, there is the option of obtaining a country-wide license including a fully translated portal user interface, to provide all doctors with access to the ESR’s imaging referral guidelines, for example to support compliance with the EURATOM Basic Safety Standards directive (2013/59) in the EU.

Access to the portal is completely free until September 30, 2018. Thereafter, it will remain as a free-of-charge service for all ESR radiologist members, while other individuals can continue to access ESR iGuide through a subscription service.



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