December 2017

The ESR is pleased to announce the launch of a new ESR iGuide portal by ECR 2018.

The new portal tool will be an important part of the ESR's efforts to support implementing the justification requirements in the EU BSS Directive (2013/59). This web-based solution, developed in cooperation with National Decision Support Company (NDSC), will ensure widespread availability and increase the use of imaging referral guidelines, and facilitate regulatory compliance. The ESR iGuide portal provides public access to the ESR’s imaging referral guidelines, which will be free of charge for ESR radiologist members world-wide.

In partnership with the American College of Radiology and NDSC Europe, the ESR launched ESR iGuide in March 2016 as a clinical decision support (CDS) environment for the ESR’s imaging referral guidelines. CDS pilot projects are being implemented in Europe and the Middle East, and the new web portal will be offered as an additional tool to increase guideline availability.