January 2018

ESR strengthens collaboration with COCIR


The ESR’s public affairs and advocacy efforts aim to shape policies and standards to ensure radiologists’ interests are taken into account. Making our members’ voice heard at the European and international levels requires action in concert with other stakeholders and forming alliances around issues of common interest.

The ESR has been successful in establishing good working relations with prominent EU health stakeholders to work together towards the goal of improving clinical practice, patient safety and research outcomes. In each edition of [email protected], the ESR introduces one of these stakeholders, and in the first part of this new series we are glad to introduce COCIR.


The European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry (COCIR) is the European trade association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries. Headquartered in Brussels, COCIR strives for improved access to healthcare, advocates the harmonisation of regulatory frameworks, and promotes enhanced cost efficiency in healthcare systems. Representing 31 industry members and 13 national associations vis-à-vis the EU institutions, COCIR stands for an integrated care approach and is a strong advocate of research and innovation in digital health. 

The ESR and COCIR signed a Letter of Intent in 2013 to formally establish links between both organisations. In January 2018, the Letter of Intent was adapted and renewed to enhance cooperation in response to rapid technological and significant policy developments. The ESR and COCIR share a commitment to further develop and implement the concept of value-based radiology and to uphold quality and safety standards in medical imaging. Being active proponents of eHealth and digital solutions in clinical practice, both organisations advocate for enhanced interoperability and regulatory harmonisation to benefit research and healthcare delivery.