March 2016

In recognition of his contribution to the development of paediatric radiology in Africa and his dedication to strengthening ties between African and European radiologists, Professor Hassen A. Gharbi from Tunis, Tunisia, will be awarded Honorary Membership of the European Society of Radiology at ECR 2016.

Hassen A. Gharbi is a professor of radiology and medical biophysics from Tunis, Tunisia. He was head of the department of radiology at Tunis Children’s Hospital and head of the medical biophysics department at Tunis Medical School. He is the immediate past president of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) and the African Society of Radiology (ASR).

He obtained his medical degree in 1966 from Paris Medical School, where he subsequently specialised in radiology, aeronautic medicine, medical informatics and medical biophysics. He completed a PhD in optic physiology at the Orsay Science Faculty in Paris, and two decades later graduated in Management of Radiation Accidents from Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Tennessee, USA.

Prof. Gharbi worked as an assistant professor at the biophysics department of Paris Medical School between 1966 and 1970, before being appointed vice dean of Tunis Medical School in 1971. In 1970 he created the first paediatric radiology department in North Africa at Tunis Children’s Hospital, which he later headed.

Prof. Gharbi is the founder and the first president of the Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound (MASU) and also founded the Tunisian National Centre of Radiation Protection, serving as its director between 1971 and 1989.

Between 1975 and 1985 he was president of the Radiological Tunisian Commission of the Ministry of Public Health, to which he also acted as adviser on radiology, paediatric radiology, biomedical engineering, radiation protection, training and hospital equipment planning.

He has served the World Health Organization as an expert in radiology, radioprotection and paediatric radiology since 1993.
Prof. Gharbi is retired but is still involved in several teaching programmes, mainly to promote the good use of ultrasound in developing countries around the world.

His other main interest was imaging of hydatid diseases and the study of their epidemiology and treatment. His ultrasound classification of the hydatid cyst appearance published in Radiology in 1981 is still used around the world.

He has authored or co-authored more than 20 books on paediatric radiology, and tropical and infectious diseases (hydatid diseases), and has published more than 130 articles in national and international journals. He also sits on the editorial boards of several international journals.

Prof. Gharbi has received many awards recognising his contributions to the promotion of radiology in developing countries, mainly in Africa.

At ECR 2016, he will receive Honorary Membership of the European Society of Radiology.