June 2018

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This week marks the one-year anniversary of European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL’s first publications. On June 29, 2017, the first 10 articles were released in an occasion that marked the start of an exciting and energetic year for the young journal, which acts as a forum for basic scientific discoveries and novel approaches and techniques in experimental radiology settings.

Editor-in-Chief of European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL, Prof. Francesco Sardanelli from Milan/IT, expressed his delight at the success the journal has achieved during its first year in publication. “After one year, we can say that we had a good take off. Submissions come regularly, corresponding to the “experimental” profile of the journal and up until June 2018, we had published 41 articles. The scientific quality of the articles is high and, importantly, we are on the front wave of cutting-edge innovation for new technologies as well as for the expanding role of diagnostic, prognostic, and interventional radiology in medicine. I must thank the Editorial board members, the ESR office, the Springer team, and all the reviewers who are working hard for the success of the journal. A bright perspective is ahead.”

European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL is the ESR’s youngest journal but is already making an impact on the academic medical community. In January, one of the journal’s most successful articles was featured in The Times. The article focussed on the experimental use of holograms in surgery and has received high attention in social platforms. Overall, the open access, online-only journal has already seen almost 100 submissions, 41 publications and a steadily increasing number in downloads.

Going forward, the journal hopes to continue its success by attracting high-quality contributions and leading the way in the field of experimental radiology. It is looking to further expand its influence in the near-future through its application for indexation in PubMed, a free citation resource for biomedical literature.

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