October 2018

The European Board of Radiology (EBR) has been busy in recent months working on a number of exciting new projects, activities and offers. Here is an update on everything the organisation has been doing:

Introducing ETAP 2.0
The EBR was proud to launch an updated version of the European Training Assessment Programme (ETAP) at the European Congress of Radiology 2018. The improved programme, named ETAP 2.0, introduces a brand new platform, which enables a quick and easy online certification process for both applicants and assessors. Representatives of the applicant institutions and the assessors can easily and efficiently store, access and manage all documents and information necessary for the certification process.

Silver, Gold and Platinum certifications are awarded to training institutions based on several methods of evaluation, including questionnaires, information provided by heads of training and residents, a video of the institutions’ facilities, and online interviews.

ETAP 2.0 ensures that your training department meets the quality of standards set by the ESR European Training Curriculum and the UEMS, giving visibility to its quality with European and international recognition. It further certifies that your training programme is effective and that your residents’ level of competence is high.

In a recent interview, UEMS representative on the ETAP 2.0 Scientific Committee, Prof. Hannu Aronen, asserted that, ‘every radiology training programme practice in Europe could be improved through ETAP 2.0’, adding that ‘radiology training programmes in Europe should be evaluated every five years, and ETAP 2.0 offers a cost-effective way to accomplish this task’.

The EBR office has produced an introduction video to give a quick overview of what ETAP is all about.

Another successful year for the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR)
This year has proven to be a very successful one for the EDiR as almost all places sold out and a high demand for the upcoming examination at ECR 2019 can already be seen.  In 2018, the EBR team visited various congresses and cities to hold the EDiR exam including European metropoles such as Paris and Vienna, as well as Islamabad and Istanbul. The last stop on its examination tour will be marked by a visit to the Russian Congress of Radiology. 2019 will begin with a completely sold out examination at the Egyptian Congress of Radiology, shortly followed by the largest event of the year, the EDiR at ECR 2019. Interested candidates should definitely take advantage of one of the early bird offers, one of which will even grant free access to ECR 2019 when sitting the exam.

Those who register before November 20 to take the EDiR examination at ECR 2019 will benefit from free registration to Europe’s largest radiological annual meeting. Registering for the exam between November 21 and December 21 reduces the ECR 2019 registration fee to €260, registering between December 22 and January 25 will reduce it to €470.

Registration is open and all information can be found here.

All new content and fun on the EBR blog
An increasing number of study cases covering a range of different topics will be available from now on, on the EBR blog.

In addition to the chest cases from Dr. Pepe, neuroradiology and emergency cases will be posted weekly. Furthermore, as well as case studies, new formats such as the EDiR Mnemos and Flashcards are also being released in the upcoming weeks, so all those who follow the EDiR blog can have fun whilst studying for their examination.

Solve the cases, share the blog contents, and learn to love radiology as much as the EBR does!

News from the Accreditation Council in Imaging (ACI)
The ACI is a one-step guide to CME accreditation. With their partners the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) and the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), they are responsible for the accreditation of radiological and imaging events organised in Europe. The ACI ranked radiology among the three medical specialities with the highest number of accredited events.To find out more about getting your event accredited, click here.

New communication strategy - stay updated with the EBR Bulletin
This month the EBR released its very first Bulletin, a newsletter dedicated to the latest developments and news from the EBR! On a quarterly basis, the Bulletin will bring you closer to the work carried out by the EBR community, sharing the thrills, challenges and achievements it experiences along the way. Signing up for the EBR Bulletin can either be done by becoming a member of the European Society of Radiology or via email to the EBR office.

Stay tuned. The next Bulletin will be with you shortly!