October 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018 (ESR, Vienna) – On the occasion of the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), which will be celebrated for the seventh time on November 8, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) publishes a book on cardiac imaging, produced in cooperation with the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology (ESCR).

Cardiac imaging is a fast-growing subspecialty of diagnostic radiology that plays a huge part in the assessment and management of heart patients throughout the world. Cardiac radiologists – the experts in charge – supervise or perform imaging examinations, using technology such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and then interpret the resulting images to diagnose and monitor a wide range of diseases of the heart.

To underline the significance of cardiac imaging and to show its current place in today’s medical healthcare spectrum, the ESR cooperated with the ESCR to produce the book ‘The HEART revealed. Radiology in the diagnosis and management of cardiac conditions’, which is available to download for free from the IDoR website.

Cardiovascular disease remains the main global cause of death, currently accounting for about 17 million deaths annually, and this number is expected to increase to more than 23 million by 2030. Nevertheless, the progress that has been made in the last 50 years is nothing short of astonishing. Procedures like heart transplants, complex valvular interventions and treatment of coronary artery disease have, among others, been the subject of such spectacular advances that they are now routinely performed in specialised centres all over the world. “Timely detection of disease, correct evaluation of its extension, and the outlining of possible treatment options still predicate the eventual success of many procedures. It is here that cardiac imaging plays an often pivotal role, guiding the referring physician to the best possible patient outcome,” stated ESCR President Professor Jens Bremerich from University Hospital Basel, and Dr. Rodrigo Salgado from Antwerp University Hospital, the editors of the book.

‘The HEART revealed’ covers everything from basic cardiac CT and MR examinations, risk stratification and cardiac imaging trials to ischaemic heart, myocarditis, athlete’s heart and imaging of coronary arteries. New mapping techniques and the so-called heart-brain axis are described, as are imaging after acute coronary syndrome and artificial intelligence in cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, radiographers and physicists explain their roles and contributions in cardiovascular radiology.

Download the book ‘The HEART revealed’.

Read interviews with experts in cardiac imaging from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Canada, South Africa and Egypt.

Download the IDoR 2018 poster; this year available in more than 30 languages.

The International Day of Radiology was launched in 2012 and is a joint initiative of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR). It is an annual event held with the aim of building greater awareness of the value that radiology contributes to safe patient care, and improving understanding of the vital role radiologists and radiographers play in the healthcare continuum.

As in previous years, more than 160 radiology-related professional societies from around the world will participate in the International Day of Radiology, holding a range of different events to celebrate, such as public lectures, department open days, conferences, and press events.

To keep up to date with the latest announcements about the International Day of Radiology, visit the International Day of Radiology Facebook page or the IDoR website idor2018.com.


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