January 2019

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) celebrated  this week as it reached a historic milestone, counting 101,154 members worldwide. This dramatic increase of 34% compared to last year’s figure of 75,502 members has been a goal of the society throughout 2018 and it is proud to have accomplished it right at the very the end of 2018.  

The increase in members can largely be attributed to efforts by national societies, particularly those outside of Europe, to promote ESR corresponding membership. These societies have been working hard to highlight the benefits that the ESR can provide to their members. These benefits include reduced registration fees for the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), access to the ESR’s three radiological journals, unlimited access to content on the society's online educational platforms, including Education on Demand, Eurorad and the exclusive option to participate in the European Diploma of Radiology (EDiR) and all activities of the European School of Radiology (ESOR).

The society now has members from 163 countries making it a diverse and uniting force for imaging throughout the world. This diversity in membership helps to improve the overall service that the ESR provides, as well as enabling it to educate and build relationships with an increasing number of areas throughout the world. 

ESR Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prof. Bernd Hamm, Director of the Department of Radiology at the Charité, Berlin, Germany, stated, ‘This is a remarkable achievement for our society and I am happy to be a part of the ESR leadership during a time when the society has really focused on expanding its role, not only inside but also outside of Europe. I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all those societies that worked to promote the ESR amongst their members’.

The European Society of Radiology is the largest radiological society in the world. It is an apolitical, non-profit organisation, dedicated to promoting and coordinating the scientific, philanthropic, intellectual and professional activities of radiology in all European countries. If you are interested in becoming a member of the ESR click here.