January 2019

Villepinte (France), January 24, 2019 – Guerbet, the global specialist in contrast media and solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging, invites delegates to the upcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2019 meeting to a totally innovative method of becoming acquainted with the company’s new strategies and products. Using a novel presentation concept developed in collaboration with the European Society of Radiology (ESR), and hosted at the Tech Gate Building, right next to the Austria Convention Center, the aim is simply to enrich the visitors’ experience through a unique combination of integrated solutions and related educational program.

From initial examination, diagnosis, treatment with image-guided intervention and follow-up monitoring, radiology plays a central role in modern clinical medicine. The problem is that in the current extreme workload under which radiologists operate, their involvement is frequently limited to their specialty or the particular examination in which they are involved. In contrast, increasing evidence is accumulating suggesting that patient-centric workflows, i.e. pathways that deliberately place the patient at the focus of all activities can result in better outcomes, increased quality of care, improved patient satisfaction and lower costs. The challenge is how to implement such patient-oriented workflows in practice. Guerbet has risen to this challenge.

Thus, ECR visitors will have the opportunity to explore the many Guerbet solutions that apply throughout the whole patient pathway: with contrast media and injection systems including the new multi-patient solution: OptiVantage® multi-use injector for CT diagnosis and follow-up which answers market needs without compromising efficiency and patient safety. Guerbet will also display its digital solutions, featuring Contrast&Care® 2.0, a contrast media injection management solution aiming to improve both productivity of healthcare professionals and patient safety. Contrast&Care® 2.0 connects with all CT, Cath Lab and MRI injectors in the current Guerbet range.

To complement this, Guerbet will be providing a comprehensive educational program with workshops and a symposium covering hot topics in modern diagnostic radiology such as AI, Gadolinium and brain deposition, Contrast optimization, etc., as well as in interventional imaging (cTACE and liver imaging).

The ECR is the largest radiology event in Europe attended by more than 28,000 visitors from over 130 countries.

 About OptiVantage®

Launched in 2005, the OptiVantage® injector is a medical device (Class: IIb, CE0123) intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic health professionals, for injecting radiopaque contrast media and saline into a patient’s vascular system during CT examinations. The new version is adapted to multi-use markets and is available in pedestal and ceiling-mount versions.

For more information, please refer to the information leaflet and instructions for use. Optivantage® is manufactured by Liebel-Flarsheim Company LLC, a subsidiary of the Guerbet Group.

OptiVantage® is a registered Guerbet trademark.

About Contrast&Care®

Contrast&Care® is a trademark of Guerbet. Patents pending and issued patents. ©Copyright 2018 Guerbet – All rights reserved. Contrast&Care® is a class I/CE medical device designed to be used by healthcare professionals only. It is a contrast agent injection management solution that enables imaging centers to collect, archive, examine and share injection data, including data on contrast media, adverse events, injector activity, information on the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and other risk factors before an exam.

Contrast&Care® is available in German, UK and US English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Brazilian and Portugal Portuguese and Thai.

For more information, please refer to the information leaflet and instructions for use. Contrast&Care® is manufactured by Medex, a subsidiary of the Guerbet Group (Saint-Priest France). 

Contrast&Care® is a trademark of Guerbet. Patents pending and issued patents. ©Copyright 2018 Guerbet – All rights reserved.

About Guerbet

 Guerbet is a pioneer in the contrast-agent field, with more than 90 years’ experience, and is a leader in medical imaging worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and services for diagnostic and interventional imaging, to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients. With 8% of revenue dedicated to R&D and more than 200 employees distributed across its four centers in France, Israel, and the United States, Guerbet is a substantial investor in research and innovation. Guerbet (GBT) is listed on Euronext Paris (segment B – mid caps) and generated €807 million in revenue in 2017. 

For more information about Guerbet, please visit www.guerbet.com



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