January 2019

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is pleased to announce that collaboration efforts with the Chinese Society of Radiology (CSR) to translate 500 ECR 2018 Online lectures have been a great success. Since the videos were translated into Mandarin last year, over 700,000 views have been logged on the CSR website.  

The high viewing figures come after a record number of Chinese radiologists attended ECR 2018. The translated videos are all of lectures given at last year’s congress and cover a wide range of topics from vascular and chest to gastrointestinal and cardiac imaging. There is something for radiologists of all sub-specialities. You can access the translated videos for free at any time here

Chairman of the ESR, Prof. Bernd Hamm stated ‘I am very pleased that our Chinese colleagues and friends have enjoyed the translated videos from ECR 2018. I think, more than anything, the popularity of these videos proves that by sharing knowledge far and wide, radiologists from all over the world can make significant steps together in improving patient care. I hope that the ESR and CSR will continue to work closely together to share educational materials and better our profession’.

The translation of the videos was just one of the ways in which the ESR and CSR have increased their cooperation over the past year. In January 2019, Prof. Hamm and other delegates of the ESR visited Beijing to meet with the CSR. The two societies held a number of face-to-face meetings where they were able to discuss future collaborative activities between Chinese and European radiologists.

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