March 2019

Registration is now open to participate from home in one of the most elite Artificial Intelligence (AI) radiology events of 2019. Professionals worldwide will be able to live stream the entire two-day AI event free of charge from any device. The course, titled ‘Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging - The Perfect Vision of AI’ will take place in Barcelona on April 5-6, and is certain to be one of the European Society of Radiology’s (ESR) & European School of Radiology’s (ESOR) biggest highlights of the year. 

The event follows a hugely successful European Congress of Radiology 2019, which saw a 6% growth in participation and broke the 30,000 attendee threshold for the first time ever, demonstrating the ESR’s leading role in radiology excellence and congress innovation.

The AI event is exclusively sponsored by Siemens Healthineers and will include an array of diverse lectures and panel discussions on topics related to the use of deep and machine learning and AI in the field of radiology. The course will feature a keynote speech on ‘AI and Radiology’ by guest lecturer, Prof. Toby Walsh, a world-renowned expert in AI from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. A diverse range of other experts from across Europe will also speak at the event, including both academic and industry professionals.

The primary focuses of the course will be the basic technical principles of AI and how they are applied to diagnostic imaging and clinical applications. General concepts of machine and deep learning will be explored, more information about the type and consistency of imaging data processed by AI tools will be unveiled, and the main potential and emerging clinical applications of this technology will also be covered. The programme will feature two special sessions, the first of which will be a panel discussion about the future of radiology and radiologists in the era of AI. The second session will allow SME companies in the field of AI to present themselves, showcasing their product and the advantages of using their AI in different scenarios. You can view the whole programme here.

The entire event will be streamed live in real time with high-quality video free of charge. Registration is required to live stream the event. Click here to register now.