August 2019

The European Society of Radiology has been at the forefront of congress live streaming for years and has recently seen greater interest in its online events, with more than 5,800 registrations for the latest AI event in May.

To serve this growing demand, the ESR is proud to announce its newest platform, ESR Connect. The platform will offer exclusive live streaming events, weekly shows and on-demand recordings all in one place and accessible in a convenient and user-friendly way. ESR Connect is now live and available to access here.

Something different and new – ESR Connect Weekly

Premiering on October 2, the ESR Connect Weekly seasons will provide state-of-the-art scientific content in an entertaining way. The first season of ESR Connect Weekly entitled, ‘The Cube Expanded (Interventional Radiology)’, will give insights into the fascinating world of interventional radiology. Presented in a revolutionary way, the season will be hosted by Dr. Maximilian de Bucourt (Berlin/DE) and Prof. Christian Loewe (Vienna/AT) and will present practical cases, relying on the audience’s help to solve them. Consisting of six episodes, each streamed live every Wednesday night at 19:30 CEST, this will be an absolute highlight of the ESR Connect platform and something not to be missed.

here to sign up for the first episode of `The Cube Expanded´ free of charge.