October 2019

The European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) will once again be holding an examination during the European Congress of Radiology, with all places for the exam already sold. This event joins a list of exciting developments that have occurred since ECR 2019, with the examination having recently seen product launches and new agreements with national radiology societies.

The EDiR has toured the world this year, with examinations having taken place in a range of countries including India, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Sweden, France and Egypt. Hundreds have taken the examination, using it as an opportunity to improve their CVs and obtain the certificate of excellence in radiology, which is highly valued across European borders. The next exams will take place in Moscow on November 8 and New Delhi on November 16 and 17.

This year also saw the official recognition of the EDiR in Croatia. This means that it is now an equivalent qualification to the Croatian National Board examination in radiology. Croatia joins a growing list of European countries that officially recognise the EDiR or have included it as part of their national training programmes, including Finland, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. Candidates from these countries sitting the exam at ECR 2020 will receive free registration to the congress.

This year also saw the launch of ‘EDiR – The Essential Guide’, a detailed single source for candidates planning to take the examination. The guide, which was written by a pool of experts of the European Board of Radiology (EBR), is intended to act as a reference tool containing everything needed to successfully pass the examination and obtain the diploma. The guide can now be purchased on the Springer website.

The EDiR App also continues to play its part in providing guidance for candidates, with a recent update bringing a wave of new educational content for testing and training.

In addition to the examination at ECR, further examinations will take place in spring 2020 in New Delhi (March 29), Cairo (April 4), and Islamabad (April 19). Online applications to sit these exams are open at www.myebr.org.

More exam dates in 2020 in Turkey, Poland, France, Spain, and Sweden will be announced in January. You can keep up to date on the upcoming exams with the EDiR Examination Calendar for 2020.