February 2020

Based on current registration figures, the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is looking likely to break another on-site participation record in 2020 with a meeting that will feature more attendees than ever before. Based on their statistics, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) are pleased to report an increase of 1,000 participants in onsite registrations compared to those who had registered for the congress at this point last year.

As well as a rise in on-site attendance, the ESR is hoping to increase its rate of remote attendance this year, following the launch of its digital participation tickets – ECR Live. ECR Live will offer those who are unable to attend the congress in person, the opportunity to participate live from home with remote access to view over 4,000 lectures. Individual participants can purchase either an ‘ECR Live’ ticket without the option to claim CMEs, or a ‘Participate from home’ ticket, which includes the possibility to obtain CME credits through online attendance.

The ESR is also proud to announce the introduction of a third option, the ‘ECR Live Institutional’ ticket, which is available for institutions, hospitals or societies wishing to purchase a larger number of ECR Live registrations. Since its launch, this ticket has proved extraordinarily popular, with several large organisations and hospitals having already signed agreements with the ESR to purchase larger packages for their employees.

ESR not afraid of changes, but embracing them

Despite this year’s growth in on-site registrations, the ESR is convinced that on-site participation, due to various factors such as climate change, increased environmental consciousness, compliance, time and travel restrictions, will eventually decrease in coming years, and that industry partners are also looking for other participation options besides the classic on-site exhibition.

The ESR has been working tirelessly in recent years to expand its digital educational portfolio and to facilitate online learning opportunities all around the world without the need for travel. ECR Live is just one example of this commitment. Others include, the foundation of a brand-new streaming platform, ESR Connect, which not only offers a wealth of On-Demand content, but also hosts a range of live educational events such as ESR Connect Weekly and live courses from the European School of Radiology (ESOR).

Recently, successful online congresses such as the Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live (CHILI) and the ESR AI Premium event, ‘Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging’ have already shown that there is a huge demand for a new era of congress-style. One which will be more digital, while still creating the unique benefits and experience for its attendees that comes with participating in a big meeting.

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