February 2020

Addressing the ongoing developments and challenges for public health related to the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the European Society of Radiology (ESR) will hold a special ‘trending topic session’ at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2020. The session will feature first-hand experts, and will be publicly available on-site and online. 

The trending topic session will feature experts from Wuhan, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich and Rome, who have first-hand experience in imaging and treating patients infected with COVID-19 sharing their experience with the audience. The podium not only includes radiologists, but also pulmonologists, epidemiologists, and virologists underlining the need for interdisciplinary work to fight this new disease.  

Given the ongoing and rapid developments, the final session programme is still a work in progress, but will highlight the different challenges that health care providers are facing at present. This includes imaging specificities in patients in acute and follow-up stages of COVID-19 pneumonia, virologic and diagnostic aspects, how previous outbreaks of similar viruses have influenced the current treatment and imaging strategies, as well as the difficulties for the professionals and public health management in the epicenter of the current outbreak.

Due to this exclusive programme outline, the coronavirus session is expected to be a highly popular and insightful event. In keeping with its commitment to bring the latest scientific developments to its members and the public, the ESR will grant free onsite access to the session in Vienna (no ECR registration required), and in addition will broadcast this session live via ESR Connect free of charge.

The full coronavirus session programme will be available shortly on ESR Connect.

Present from home made possible

Due to the fact that many radiologists and medical professionals from China and other concerned areas are required to stay at their hospitals to diagnose and treat patients, the ESR is once again living up to its reputation as the most fast-thinking and highly-adaptable society.

With ‘Present from home’, the ESR is enabling speakers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak to present their ECR 2020 lectures via live streaming remotely from their homes or hospitals abroad. All technical arrangements for this highly innovative endeavour have already been completed in record time and ECR is fully set to feature lectures streamed from abroad. The option to present from home will ensure that these professionals are still able to showcase their work and remain a part of the premiere congress in medical imaging.

It is the ESR’s endeavour to overcome any obstacles that would hinder colleagues from anywhere in the world being able to share their expertise and to ensure that ECR remains diverse and united for the global radiological community.