October 2016

Andrzej Pawel Wieczorek is Associate Professor of Radiology and Director of the Department of Paediatric Radiology at the Medical University of Lublin, Poland.

He was born in 1963 in Lublin and obtained his medical degree from the Medical University of Lublin in 1987. After completing his residency in 1988, he became a Radiology Assistant at the Regional Hospital in Lublin. In 1993 he was appointed Radiology Assistant at the Department of Paediatric Radiology of the Medical University of Lublin. There, he completed his training in 1996 and became Senior Assistant, before being appointed Vice-Director of the Department in 1999. Two years later, he was appointed to his current position.

Professor Wieczorek gained his experience training abroad in various locations, including London, Berlin, Copenhagen and Boston, and he is still very active on an international level. Combining this interest with his leadership skills, he was involved in the organisation of the Leonardo da Vinci exchange programme for 30 junior radiologists from Poland in 2004 and 2005.

Although primarily a paediatric radiologist, he has also focused on the male and female genitourinary tracts with special attention to male infertility and female urinary incontinence. He is an expert in ultrasound (US) diagnostics, and is involved in the research and development of innovative US techniques such as high-frequency 3D/4D modes, vector-based movement tracking technique, segmentation, fusion, quantitative evaluation of perfusion and others. He is also involved in training courses in the field.

His perfect command of this modality has earned him the appointment of Treasurer and member of the Organising Committee of the 14th European Congress of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EUROSON) in 2002 in Warsaw. In addition, he is currently a Vice-President of the Polish Society of Ultrasound.

He has authored or co-authored more than 60 papers and published 10 chapters in monographs. He is an editor of the book 'Pelvic Floor Disorders', which will be published in May 2010.

He is married to Hanna, a Medical Director of Regional Blood Centre, and has two daughters; Monika, a student in philosophy and Katarzyna, a pupil at secondary school. His hobbies include travelling and cooking, which he enjoys with his family and friends in his free time.

In recognition of his authority in ultrasound, and his expertise in the male and female urinary tracts, Professor Wieczorek will present the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Honorary Lecture 'Female urinary incontinence: Is there still a place for radiology/radiologists?' at ECR 2010.