August 2020

The European Parliament published a study that was produced by the European Cancer Organisation on the current state of Europe’s battle against cancer. The European Cancer Organisation, of which the European Society of Radiology (ESR) is a member, represents cancer professionals and patients across Europe united in the fight against the disease. The ESR was delighted to provide input on aspects related to cancer prevention, screening, treatment and the digital transformation of cancer care.

The study titled ‘Strengthening Europe in the Fight Against Cancer: Going Further, Faster’, investigates current practices concerning the:

  • Causation and prevention of cancer;
  • Policy needs to achieve earlier detection and diagnosis of cancer, including screening strategies;
  • Means for improving cancer treatment and care in Europe, as well as research; and,
  • Specific requirements and opportunities for progress regarding rare and childhood cancers. 

Drawing on the input from 61 experts, the study puts forward 45 recommendations addressed to Members of the European Parliament and stakeholders to shape Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the EU Cancer Mission and related initiatives such as the EU4Health programme under the new 2021-2027 EU budget cycle.

The ESR believes that the study is a comprehensive and detailed source of information that will help policymakers formulate concrete plans to strengthen cancer care in Europe. Therefore, we strongly encourage Members of the European Parliament as well as national policymakers and cancer professionals to work in concert to implement the recommendations.

The study can be accessed here.