August 2020

Professor Marie-Pierre Revel from Paris, France, has presented the Plenary Lecture entitled 'COVID-19: lessons and questions from a pandemic' at ECR 2020.

Marie-Pierre Revel is Professor of Radiology and Head of Cardiothoracic Imaging Unit at Cochin Hospital, Paris Descartes University, Paris, France. She is the past president of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) and currently PPC Chairperson for the ECR meeting 2020.

She graduated from Necker-Enfants Malades Faculty of Medicine, Paris Descartes University in 1989 and obtained her PhD degree in science at Lille 2 University in 2007. She spent one year at Calmette Hospital in Lille in the radiology department, chaired by Professor Martine Remy Jardin, to get more expertise in integrated cardiothoracic imaging.

Her area of expertise is thoracic imaging, with a special interest in thromboembolism and lung cancer, and she has published 90 articles referenced in PubMed.

Professor Revel is in charge of the Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) certification programme, which is endorsed by the European Society of Radiology. She believes it is important to ensure to practise LCS at a similar quality level to the trials that have proven its value, thereby ensuring that there is the maximal benefit from its introduction. Her current project is to start a pilot LCS study in France, combining breast and lung cancer screening for women who are eligible in terms of age and smoking history.