November 2020

The European Society of Radiology (ESR), representing the radiology profession across Europe, warmly welcomes the creation of a European Parliament Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA). The ESR backs the committee’s ambition to both analyse the future impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Europe and bring support to AI that works for the wellbeing of European citizens.

In June 2020, the European Parliament decided to set up AIDA and defined its responsibilities for a long-term approach that highlights the European Union’s key values and objectives on the matter. The European Society of Radiology was delighted to see the constitution of this new special committee with elements of focus such as skills, education and health. It will study the impact and challenges of Artificial Intelligence and propose a roadmap with objectives for the EU and necessary steps to achieve them.

The ESR also welcomes the words of insight by AIDA’s Committee chair, MEP Dragoş Tudorache. We support his vision on taking the work done on AI further and focussing on developing a human-centred, trustworthy AI made in Europe. In its statement in response to the European Commission White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, published in June 2020, the ESR highlighted several considerations for an efficient embrace of AI. It underlined the importance of the accessibility of data, transparency, data privacy, accountability, adequate training for healthcare professionals and citizens, telemedicine and the need for harmonisation at EU level.

The European Society of Radiology has continuously called on the EU to unleash the full potential of AI for improved healthcare, considering that radiology is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence in the sector. New technologies enhance the quality of diagnoses by building on knowledge acquired from patients and are revamping the specialty. AI solutions in radiology are beneficial in detecting, characterising and monitoring diseases as well as in prioritising imaging exams or generating reports, which enable for an increased quality of care for patients. However, we believe that ethics, the respect of data privacy and clinical safety are fundamental considerations in any policy development on new technologies.

The ESR is eager to support and work together with the European Parliament Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA) to position Europe on Artificial Intelligence in the medium and long term and unleash the full potential of AI in the European Union.

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