February 2021

We invite ECR 2021 attendees to visit the ESR iGuide booth from March 3-7!

We have a lot of information to share about ESR iGuide and how clinical decision support can improve quality of care and patient safety. We prepared use cases and provide you with insightful information on the usage of ESR iGuide in various pilot projects. Moreover, we show you how to embrace this solution for making imaging referral guidelines readily available and easily usable in your hospital.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to demonstrations of the ESR iGuide clinical decision support workflow integrated into electronic referral and hospital information systems in cooperation with our integration partners!

Visit the booth to check out the different integrated workflows, or contact us or our partners for a demonstration appointment - with ESR iGuide, all roads lead to more appropriate imaging referrals for patients!

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c37.ZuweiserPortal by celsius37


Developed for use as part of the Medical Imaging Decision And Support (MIDAS) study in Germany, celsius37 have integrated ESR iGuide CDS into their referral portal in close cooperation with Universitätsmedizin Mainz, part of the MIDAS consortium.

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For the implementation of ESR iGuide in Croatia, sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Health, our partners & reseller IN2 have integrated ESR iGuide into their Integrated Hospital Information System IHIS to deliver ESR iGuide's evidence-based referral guidance to hospitals in all regions of Croatia!

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We have been working with our partners at TietoEVRY for a number of years, seamlessly integrating ESR iGuide into their Radiology Ordering System for CDS-enhanced radiology referrals!

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xRefer by xWave Technologies


Our partner xWave Technologies from Ireland have integrated ESR iGuide to enhance their Smart Radiology platform xRefer! Visit the ECR 2021 ESR iGuide booth for a demonstration of the xRefer referall workflow including ESR iGuide CDS!


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