April 2021

April 16, 2021 - This week, the European School of Radiology (ESOR) held its very first online AIMS seminar hosted by Mexico. The course, which focussed exclusively on the topic of ultrasound, was run in partnership with the Mexican Federation of Radiology and Imaging (FMRI) and the Mexican Society of Radiology (SMRI), and was supported by Bracco. With 724 attendees, the success and popularity of the seminar once again demonstrated the huge potential that online learning offers for the medical imaging community, not only in Europe but globally.

With the topic of ultrasound imaging selected by the involved societies, the course offered updated knowledge on state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging, including all aspects of hepatic, genito-urinary, thyroid, and MSK ultrasound. Participants also gained insights into the latest developments of elastography, contrast-enhanced, and multimodality fusion – in addition to the more traditional applications. The use of ultrasound on children was also explored with a focus on the need to reduce the unnecessary radiation of CT imaging.

The seminar, was delivered by renowned ultrasound experts from both Europe and Mexico, ensuring a high-quality teaching programme, combining lectures and interactive cases. As part of ESOR’s constant aim to adapt to the needs of local radiologists, the AIMS seminar was translated into Spanish.

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) and ESOR have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Bracco in the delivery of education. The company has supported many past courses and initiatives aimed at strengthening radiological knowledge, with a particular focus on the opportunities that virtual learning offer. The ESR is grateful to both Bracco and the FMRI and SMRI for their collaboration in organising the seminar.

The Mexican AIMS seminar was the first of several internationally hosted courses taking place this year. Upcoming courses include a breast cancer AIMS course hosted by Korea on July 3, and oncologic imaging ASKLEPIOS courses hosted by Thailand and the Philippines on July 7 and by China on September 15.

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