June 2021

The ESR is proud to announce the publication of the updated version of the Undergraduate Curriculum for Radiological Education.

This new iteration of the Curriculum represents a culmination of the ESR efforts aimed at harmonising undergraduate radiological education. The revision process was led by Prof. Vicky Goh, Chair of the ESR Undergraduate Education Subcommittee, and Prof. Minerva Becker, Chair of the ESR Education Committee, with the support of the members of the ESR Undergraduate Education Subcommittee.

The June 2021 edition of the Curriculum delivers a full and comprehensive update aimed at aligning the Curriculum with the current state of undergraduate education in Europe. As was the case with previous version, this document is designed to provide a valuable template and a set of guidelines for teachers.

Despite the changes caused by the global pandemic, with the publishing of the updated version of the Undergraduate Curriculum the ESR once again reaffirms its commitment to promoting radiology through pre and postgraduate education and research and consequently enhancing the quality of care for patients throughout Europe.

European Training Curriculum for Radiology