June 2022

On Tuesday, 24 May, the final webinar took place in the EuroSafe Imaging 2022 webinar series: radiation protection into clinical perspectives.

The series of 10 webinars, which was organised in collaboration with the European School of Radiology (ESOR), was the first time that EuroSafe Imaging has offered CME accredited webinars. Attracting a total of almost 2,500 live viewers from 103 different countries, the success of this webinar series highlights the importance of radiation protection training worldwide.

Each webinar covered radiation protection aspects for different anatomical areas. The first 5 webinars covered CT and the second five covered fluoroscopically guided interventions, which also included specific episodes on radiation protection of staff and patients. All episodes consisted of presentations from a radiologist, a medical physicist and a radiographer. These presentations focused on clinical perspectives, rather than being purely technical, so the audience could benefit from the sessions by implementing what they learned into their daily clinical practice.

The webinar series was organised by the EuroSafe Imaging Educational Activities working group. The ESR would like to extend its thanks to the Co-chairs of the working group, Graciano Paulo and Deniz Akata, as well as the working group members: Guy Frija, Boris Brkljačić, Shane Foley, Roberto Sánchez and Christina Iosif for their hard work in organising this successful webinar series.

All 10 webinars are available to watch on demand for subscribers of the ESR Premium Education Package.