September 2022

Wednesday, September 28, Vienna – The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is pleased to announce that United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) has become the society’s latest Platinum Supporting Member. This membership will stimulate further collaboration going forward with a particular focus on generating a constructive partnership ahead of ECR 2023, taking place next year on March 1-5.

Next year’s Congress will see United Imaging Healthcare officially launch its debut visit to ECR. As an important milestone in the company’s globalisation strategy, it will use this opportunity to present new products and services, taking on a large space in the exhibition centre and embracing the chance to interact with Congress attendees. “The ESR always aims to act as a platform for bringing various stakeholders in medical imaging together”, said ESR President Prof. Adrian Brady. “This includes offering industry partners and radiologists valuable opportunities to collaborate and interact. For this reason, I am very pleased to welcome United Imaging Healthcare as an important partner for the society’s future activities.”

United Imaging Healthcare joins a large number of ESR Platinum Supporting Members. Throughout this membership, the society seeks to further cater to the needs of radiologists by bridging the gap between medical imaging professionals and the industry for the benefit of the patient. 


About United Imaging Healthcare

United Imaging Healthcare is a member of the United Imaging Group, which is dedicated to providing, developing and producing high-performance advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment and life science instruments, and offers intelligent digital solutions to customers worldwide. Founded in 2011, UIH is headquartered in Shanghai, and has subsidiaries and R&D centres across China, the United States, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Poland and other parts of the world.

As of August 2022, United Imaging Healthcare has a world-class talent team of 5,400 employees. Among them, 2100 are R&D personnel, taking up 39% of its total number, over 1900 with a master's or doctoral degree.

UIH has launched over 80 ground-breaking products, including Total-Body PET/CT, HD TOF PET/MR, 75cm Ultra-Wide Bore 3.0T MR, 640-Slice CT Scanner, and Fully Integrated CT-linac, most of which have been globally or nationally recognized for world-leading performance. 

Based on the company’s top technologies, it has established collaborations with many world-renowned clinical and scientific research institutions, including UC Davis, Washington University in St. Louis, Stony Brook University, King Hussein Cancer Center and Fujita Health University Hospital.

So far, United Imaging Healthcare’s products have been installed in more than 9,400 medical and research institutes in 53 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Italy, and New Zealand.