October 2016

In recognition of his outstanding career and unique accomplishments within the world of radiology, Doctor Marc Ghysels has been invited to present the Guest Lecture ‘Slicing through Antiques & Works of Art’ at ECR 2011.

Marc Ghysels is a 50-year-old Belgian radiologist who has acquired an international reputation among art collectors and dealers, as well as curators and experts working in auction rooms, for his radiological analysis of art works.

After specialising in interventional radiology at Erasme Hospital in Brussels, Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia and Hammersmith Hospital in London, he worked in hospitals for about fifteen years before bringing his expertise to the art world. Coming from a family of artists and collectors, he established a private radiology practice in Brussels, where he analyses antiquities and art works from a wide range of cultures, whatever their age or material – as long as they are not made of metal and are small enough to pass through a medical scanner.

He is based in Brussels, but his work has also taken him to Paris, Geneva, New York, Houston, Toronto and Hong Kong, with art specialists across the globe calling on his radiological skills and knowledge to authenticate antiquities. His expertise is used to detect the methods used to make art works, what damage they have suffered, how much restoration has been done, and to expose the many tricks used by forgers to deceive not only the discerning eye of the collector but also the more commonly used methods of scientific analysis.