October 2016

In recognition of her exceptional dedication to education in radiology, Professor Doctor Majda M. Thurnher will present the Pierre et Marie Curie Honorary Lecture at ECR 2011.

Majda M. Thurnher is Associate Professor of Radiology at the Medical University of Vienna, a position she has held since 2001. Her primary focus is on neuroradiology, especially spinal imaging, and she has shared her experience throughout Europe and the USA as a visiting professor.

Majda M. Thurnher was born in Pula, Croatia, and received her MD in 1989 from the Vladimir Bakaric Medical University, Rijeka, Croatia. She completed a two-year residency in neurology at the General Hospital Vienna, Austria, and University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, and went on to undertake a residency in radiology at the General Hospital Vienna. She achieved her board certification at the Medical University of Vienna in 2000 to become Attending Radiologist and then Associate Professor of Radiology at the General Hospital Vienna. From 2002 to 2008 she was Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Miami, L. Miller School of Medicine, and since 2006 has also been Visiting Professor of Medical Studies in English at the University of Zagreb Medical School, Zagreb, Croatia. In addition, she completed a post-graduate degree in Management in Healthcare at the Salzburg University, Austria, in 2003.

Since 2003 she has been a visiting or guest professor at numerous universities across Europe and America, including most recently the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, where she received the first Dr Perovitsch Grant. Her published work includes 49 peer-reviewed articles, 21 book chapters and 86 scientific papers, and she has contributed as a reviewer and editorial board member to numerous national and international journals, including guest editorship of special issues of European Radiology and Neuroimaging Clinics of North America. Prof. Thurnher is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) and American Society of Spine Radiology (ASSR). She has also served as a reviewer for European Radiology, American Journal of Neuroradiology, Radiology, and Neuroradiology, among others. She has delivered more than 130 invited lectures at international meetings and has been a regular member of the Programme Planning Committee for the European Congress of Radiology (ECR). She is a member of several scientific societies, including the European Society of Radiology, the European Society of Neuroradiology, the American Society of Neuroradiology and the American Society of Spine Radiology.