October 2016

In recognition of his tremendous contribution to radiology, especially intensive care imaging and imaging of adult respiratory distress syndrome and of pulmonary thromboembolic disease, Professor Lawrence R. Goodman has been invited to present the Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Honorary Lecture ‘In search of venous thromboembolism: the first 2,912 years’ at ECR 2012.

Lawrence R. Goodman, MD, FACR, is a pioneering chest radiologist, whose work has greatly advanced the development of the subspecialty and imaging as a whole. He is Chief of Thoracic Imaging at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, U.S., a role he took on almost three decades ago. He has been Professor of Pulmonary Medicine & Intensive Care at the same institution since 1996.

A former member of the faculty of Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia and George Washington University in Washington DC, Professor Goodman received his MD from the State University of New York in Brooklyn in 1968. He completed his residency in radiology at Boston City Hospital, Boston University in 1972 and later moved on to San Francisco for a one-year fellowship in pulmonary radiology at the University of California.

His contribution to radiology translated into numerous appointments within prestigious institutions, some of which he helped shape from the beginning. Prof. Goodman was one of the original members of the Society of Thoracic Radiology, where he served on the Organizing Committee in 1982 and as President in 1985–86. His commitment to the development of the society earned him a Gold Medal Award for lifetime achievement in 2008. He has also been very active within the Fleischner Society, where he served on the Programme Committee and as Programme Chairman, Treasurer and President. He is currently on the society’s Strategic Planning Committee.

While at the Medical College of Wisconsin, he started a fellowship programme, in the name of Gerry Scanlon, his predecessor as Head of the Chest Imaging section. Prof. Goodman has trained many fellows from North America and around the world, stressing his interest in mentoring younger generations.

A fellow of the American College of Radiology, he has also carried out numerous functions within the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and is a member of the American Roentgen Ray Society and the Association of University Radiologists. He is also the editor of the 2nd and 3rd edition of ‘Felson’s Principals of Chest Roentgenology’.

He has published almost 150 influential papers, mainly focusing on intensive care imaging, imaging of adult respiratory distress syndrome and imaging of pulmonary thromboembolic disease. His paper ‘Detection of pulmonary embolism in patients with unresolved clinical and scintigraphic diagnosis: Helical CT vs angiography’ was the 18th most-cited article in the American Journal of Radiology over the last century.