October 2016

In recognition of his research and work in the areas of cardiovascular imaging and interventional radiology, Professor Carlo Catalano has been invited to present the Josef Lissner Honorary Lecture, entitled ‘MR-guided focused ultrasound: a new string to the radiologist’s bow’, at ECR 2013.

Carlo Catalano is professor of radiology and head of the department of diagnostic radiology at La Sapienza University of Rome Hospital.

Born in Rome in 1965, Prof. Catalano received his medical degree from La Sapienza University of Rome in 1990 before completing his residency at the University of L’Aquila in 1994. Up until 1999, he worked as a staff radiologist in the department of radiology and the department of emergency radiology at La Sapienza University of Rome. During this time he focused mainly on CT and MR body imaging along with cardiovascular imaging and interventional procedures. In 1999, he became assistant professor of radiology at La Sapienza, as well as assistant professor at the Campus Bio-Medico University, Rome.

Throughout his career, Prof. Catalano has dedicated much of his time to research and education. He became full professor of radiology at La Sapienza University of Rome in 2010, after eight years of teaching and research as associate professor. He serves as the Italian delegate to the European Society of Radiology’s Education Committee and has served as a member of the European School of Radiology’s faculty for its Teach-the-Teachers programme in Italy, which reflects his experience and passion for the field of radiological education and training.

Prof. Catalano has been an active member of the ESR since the beginning of his career, participating as a panellist and as an organiser for the Junior Film Reading Session at ECR 1999. Furthermore, during his career he has shown great dedication to developing relations with less developed countries, with the aim of sharing radiological knowledge.

A prolific author and researcher, Prof. Catalano has authored more than 170 scientific papers, six books and upwards of 50 book chapters. On top of this, he has delivered more than 150 invited lectures at national and international conferences.