Be a Star at ECR!

Do you want to feature in the European Congress of Radiology?

Now is the perfect chance to launch yourself into stardom at one of Europe's largest medical meetings!

This opportunity is open exclusively to attendees of ECR 2021. Send us a recorded video message and we'll play it to audiences across the world during the congress!

How to take part?

Step One - Choose a Theme

Select one or more of the following themes for your video message:

  • A welcome message from your country/institution
  • A summary of the research you have submitted to ECR 2021
  • Your personal tip for physical and mental wellbeing as a medical professional
  • Your favourite thing about ECR
  • Your favourite ECR memory

Step Two - Camera, Lights, Action!

Practice your message and then film it with your phone, camera or computer. When recording make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Video length must not exceed 30 seconds
  • Record video horizontally (landscape). Vertical (portrait) videos will not be accepted
  • Select the best video and audio quality that your device offers
  • Your video must contain reference to ECR 2021 (feel free to use the ECR artwork and background, which can be found at the bottom of this page)
  • Make sure to record your video in a quiet and light area

If you want to get extra creative with your video, feel free to add special effects, filters or animations! 

Step Three - Submit Your Recording

Submit your recording via WeTransfer*:

  1. Rename your video file with your First Name, Last Name and Country
  2. Go to
  3. Click ‘Add your files’ and select your video
  4. Add your email address
  5. Click ‘Transfer’. Please be aware that, depending on the size of your file, it might take a few minutes to upload

Feel free to post your video again on social media during ECR using the hashtag #ECR2021 and/or tagging us.

All videos must be submitted by Sunday, February 7 at the latest. 

* By submitting a video you confirm that all persons in your video agree that the video will be made available via the ESR Connect Platform as part of ECR 2021 live and/or on-demand. The ESR reserves the right to select and edit the videos that will be shown.

Step Four - Sit back and wait for fame

Once you've submitted your video, we'll take care of the rest. Any videos we've received will be played on the congress platform and social media during the meeting.

Useful Graphics for your Recording

These graphics are available for you to use when making your recordings.

ECR 2021 Graphic Material