European Society of Radiology on the forefront of environmental awareness in the congress industry

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which has been certified as a "Green Meeting" for the first time in 2014, is among the largest officially certified green congresses in Europe. With such impressive credentials, the ESR is happy to announce another major plan under the banner of environmental awareness.

For every attendee who takes part in ECR 2020, whether they attend onsite or online, the ESR will plant a tree. This will mean the planting of approximately 30,000 trees in an effort to counteract the effects of the global environmental crisis.

This will be done under the umbrella of the Trillion Tree Campaign which aims to address the multitude of issues associated with deforestation and to return global temperature rises to within two degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels through the reforestation.

So far, under this initiative, 13.63 billion new trees were planted and the ECR aims to play its part in helping to reach the campaign’s objective of a trillion newly planted trees. In the 13 years since the campaign’s launch, 193 countries have been involved. The campaign is currently supported by a multitude of various actors, including individual donors, companies and governments.

The ESR would also like to encourage other event organisers to follow its lead and to take action in tackling climate change and other negative environmental consequences caused by the meeting industry and business travel. Many events already hold charity events such as runs and sports events, which could easily be transformed into more meaningful activities geared towards supporting and improving our environment.

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