In cooperation with the Korean Society of Radiology, we present you the best posters of the Korean Congress of Radiology 2018


Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Core Needle Biopsy: When? Where? How?

Authors: Jin Woong Kim (Hwasun, KR)
Grand Prix award winner


Diagnostic Approach To Cystic Lung Diseases For Radiologists.

Authors: Kyu-chong Lee (Seoul, KR), Hwan Seok Yong (Seoul, KR), Eun-Young Kang (Seoul, KR)
Gold award winner


Medical Devices Of The Abdomen And Pelvis: Radiologic Atlas And Its Complications.

Authors: Yaewon Jeong (Seoul, KR), Jongmee Lee (Seoul, KR), Yang shin Park (Seoul, KR), Jae Woong Choi (Seoul, KR), Chang Hee Lee (Seoul, KR), Kyeong Ah Kim (Seoul, KR), Cheol Min Park (Seoul, KR)
Silver award winner


Breast Imaging: A Clinician's Perspective.

Authors: Hyung Won Choi (Los Angeles, US), Bo Li (Los Angeles, US)
Silver award winner


Demonstration Of Functional Classification Of Aortic Regurgitation And Aortic Leaflet Repair Using Computed Tomography.

Authors: Yura Ahn (Seoul, KR), Hyun Jung Koo (Seoul, KR), Dong Hyun Yang (Seoul, KR), Joon-Won Kang (Seoul, KR)
Silver award winner


Hemoptysis A To Z : What The Radiologists Needs To Know.

Authors: Yeji Shin (Seoul, KR), Han Na Lee (Seoul, KR), Jung Im Kim (Seoul, KR)
Silver award winner


Basic Arterial Anatomy And Interpretation Of Computed Tomography Angiography For Intra-Abdominal Or Gastrointestinal Bleedings: Correlation With Conventional Angiographic Findings For Beginners.

Authors: Jihye Hwang (Seoul, KR), Hye jin Kang (Seoul, KR), Jehong Yoon (Seoul, KR), Se Hwan Kwon (Seoul, KR), Joo Hyeong Oh (Seoul, KR)
Silver award winner


CT-Based Essential Cardiac Anatomy For Radiology Residents To Understand Congenital Heart Disease.

Authors: Hyun Woo Goo (Seoul, KR)
Silver award winner