How can I obtain CMEs for ECR 2018

ECR uses a fully digital CME acquisition system. Visit sessions and evaluate them afterwards either on one of the terminals on the 1st level in the ECR Online and EPOS™ Lounge and at CME & Evaluation terminals or via your smart phone, tablet or laptop. For more details, see below.

You can either use CMEasy, our Bluetooth tag system, or use the online evaluation system at


    What is CMEasy and how does it work?

    With a personalised tag, we can track which sessions you attend, and award CME credits automatically. After the sessions, a notification e-mail will be sent informing that attendance has been registered. On the following day, you receive a confirmation of  sessions attended, if you have reached the required minimum attendance time. 

    How can I use CMEasy?

    When you arrive at the congress venue, please pick up a bluetooth ‘tag’ in the entrance hall and attach it to your badge. Then go to one of the CMEasy counters to activate and personalise it.


    Is it obligatory to use CMEasy?

    No, it is optional, and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. All attendees can use the online evaluation system at


    How does the CMEasy tracking work?

    When you enter and exit a session room, your movement will be tracked. If you spend the majority of the session in the room, your attendance will be confirmed.

    Do I receive confirmation of my attended sessions?

    After attending sessions in a certain time slot, you will receive a notification via e-mail that attendance to these sessions has been registered. A link to an evaluation form will also be provided so you can evaluate the session.

    Note that you must attend the majority of the session in order to have your attendance confirmed. The following congress day, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that the session has been added to your record of attendance, if you have reached the required minimum attendance time.


    What do I do if I am not sure a session has been correctly registered?

    After leaving the session room, you should receive a notification that your attendance in this session has been registered. In case this e-mail does not arrive immediately, please wait a couple of hours since there may be some delay in e-mail delivery. You can of course also go to the online evaluation system at and evaluate the session in question. This will also correctly register the session to your CME sheet (see also below).


    Whom can I talk to if I have questions or problems with CMEasy?

    Please contact our staff at the “App and CMEasy help desk” in the entrance hall.

    Online Evaluation System

    How do I use the online evaluation system?

    You can access the online evaluation system at You must

    • Log in with your username (last name) and Personal ID (printed on your badge).
    • Complete the electronic questionnaire for each session in order to claim CMEs.


    Where can I complete the online evaluation at the congress centre?

    Evaluation and CME acquisition will be possible:

    • Via the ECR 2018 app (available via the App Store and Google play).
    • On more than 130 laptops in the ECR Online & EPOS™ Lounge located on the 1st level.
    • At CME & Evaluation terminals located on the 1st level.

    When is the deadline for completing evaluations?

    Online evaluation of the sessions is possible February 28 - March 04, 2018. No evaluation is possible and no CME credits can be obtained after this date. Note that the respective evaluation sheets are available only after the session started. Make sure to submit your evaluations of the sessions during the congress!


    Whom can I talk to if I have questions or problems with the online evaluation system?

    You can contact our staff at the “App and CMEasy help desk” in the entrance hall or at the EPOS Info desk in the ECR Online & EPOS™ Lounge on the 1st level.

    CME acquisition in general

    How many credits can I earn for ECR?

    This depends on where you come from:

    • Europe: ECR 2018 has been accredited by the UEMS-EACCME and it is possible to claim up to 33 CME credits. The Österreichische Ärztekammer (Austrian Medical Chamber) has granted a maximum of 40 DFP (Diplom-Fortbildungs-Programm der Österreichischen Akademie der Ärzte) credits for ECR 2018.
    • USA and Canada: Based on the agreements on the mutual recognition of credits between the AMA (American Medical Association), RCPSC (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada) and the UEMS-EACCME, American and Canadian physicians attending an EACCME-accredited event in Europe will have their credits converted to AMA PRA Category 1 in the USA and MOC Section 1 in Canada. The ECR 2018 is an EACCME-accredited event.


    Where can I find my confirmation of attendance?

    Each ECR delegate has access to a general Confirmation of Attendance via

    To log in, please use your username and password (in case you do not remember them, please use your Last Name and Personal ID as indicated on your badge).

    After Friday, March 2, printing stations will be available to print out this confirmation onsite. Note that this document is permanently available online several days after the congress, you can print them any time at home.

      What information is on the “Record of attendance (CME confirmation)”? Where can I find it?

      This lists in exact detail all the sessions visited and evaluated during the congress as well as the number of hours attended.

      This document will be available several days after the congress via


      Why is the list of sessions not identical to the total amount of CMEs earned?

      This may have several reasons:

      • The UEMS-EACCME has accredited the ECR congress with a maximum of 33 CME credits. According to its regulations, a maximum of 8 CME credits may be awarded per day. So if you attend 10 hours of sessions on a given day this will be listed on your ‘CME Confirmation’, but only 8 credits will be calculated into your total.
      • The maximum for the entire congress is 33 CME credits, so the ‘Total hours earned’ position on your ‘CME Confirmation’ will never show more, even if the sum of all hours attended may be greater.
      • Please note that there are 0 CME credits for industry workshops and satellite symposia, although they are also listed on the ‘CME Confirmation’.
      • Although participants may partially attend multiple concurrent sessions, the total number of hours limits the credit to the equivalent of a single session during that time slot.

      Definition of CME & CPD

      Continuing Medical Education (CME)

      Continuing Medical Education in Diagnostic Radiology is a programme of educational activities to guarantee the maintenance and upgrading of knowledge, skills and competence following completion of postgraduate training. CME is an ethical and moral obligation for each radiologist throughout his/her professional career, in order to maintain the highest possible professional standards.

      Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

      This deals with the acquisition and maintenance of new knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, in order to ensure that radiologists are able to maintain and improve their competence to practice in their specialist area, as well as in any area of additional responsibility in education or management. This improves the overall quality of service to patients.

      Contact us

      For any questions, please contact the ECR CME Support.

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