Every ECR had a unique theme that reflected on the current position of radiology in medicine, a common thread that ties all our efforts together. This year it is “The Cycle of Life” – a profound theme that allowed us to take a deep dive into the broad spectrum of human existence. It was a celebration of life; of the efforts we undertake along the way and the victories we celebrate. But it was also a contemplation on death and the losses we suffer, the resilience we build and ultimately the connections we create. 
It all started with our Opening Ceremony Dreams where we took a closer look at what motivates us to achieve greatness in radiology. Watch ECR President Adrian Brady elaborate on the ever-increasing significance of medical imaging on the human journey through life. As much as Dreams is a mission statement, it was also an entertaining spectacle! Experience the world premiere of incredible musical performances and celebrate worldwide talent with us. This year’s Opening Ceremony stayed with us long after the curtains close and inspired our Dreams.

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