The Voice of EPOS

The new successful platform for poster presenters - The Voice of EPOS™ - will start into its second round! After a huge success at ECR 2016, there will be an even more extended programme at ECR 2017.

With 3 stages and over 80 sessions, The Voice of EPOS™ will substantially extend the scientific programme of the congress, and allow even more speakers to share their work with the community. All sessions are broadcast live via ECR Online.

Application is closed! During poster abstract submission, the respective affirmation had to be selected.

Are you a The Voice of EPOS™ presenter? Consult the presenter guidelines here.

The Voice of EPOS™ Session Programme

Sessions will take place Wednesday to Friday from 09:00–16:00, Saturday from 09:00–15:00, Sunday from 09:00–12:00 in and around the ECR Online & EPOS™ Lounge, and will also be broadcast online via the ECR Online streaming service.

In addition to organ-based topics, The Voice of EPOS™ will feature new exciting sessions such as Computer Applications, Molecular Imaging, Physics in Radiology, Radiographers and Radioprotection.

One or more topical sessions will be held for: Abdominal Viscera, Breast, Cardiac, Chest, Computer Applications (NEW), Emergency, EuroSafe Imaging (NEW), Genitourinary, GI Tract, Head and Neck, Interventional, Molecular Imaging (NEW), Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Oncology, Paediatric, Physics in Radiology (NEW), Radiographers (NEW), Radioprotection/Radiation Dose (NEW), Vascular.

    To strengthen the exchange within the communities and serve a multilingual
    and international audience, there will be a multitude of sessions dedicated to the following languages and countries: Arabic (Egypt, Middle East, North Africa), Chinese, French, German, Greek (NEW), India (NEW), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nordic, Latin America (Portuguese, Spanish) (NEW), Polish (NEW), Portugal, Romanian (NEW), Russian, Spain, Turkish.

    FAQ - The Voice of EPOS 2017

    ► I have been invited for The Voice of EPOS™ - what do I have to do now?
    In order to participate as a speaker at The Voice of EPOS™, please

    1. Reply to the invitation e-mail to confirm your participation within the given timeframe
    2. Upload your poster to EPOS™ until December 16, 2016
    3. Register for ECR 2017

    ► Is there a reduced registration fee for speakers at The Voice of EPOS™?
    Presenting authors at The Voice of EPOS™ can register with the reduced Early Registration Fees until December 14, 2016.

    ► Do I still need to upload my poster if my abstract has been accepted for an oral presentation at The Voice of EPOS™?
    Poster upload is mandatory for the participation at The Voice of EPOS™. During the presentation, your poster will be shown to the audience on large screens, and you can scroll through it on a laptop at the speaker’s desk to access any parts or images you wish to show to the audience.

    Can I present slide shows or videos during my speech?

    Your oral presentation will be based on your poster, and it is not possible to show additional files or slide shows. Should you wish to show a video, it has to be uploaded as part of your poster. Please check the loading time and display quality in the EPOS™ Online Viewing system to make sure that a smooth presentation is possible.

    I have been invited for a language session - which language can I use for my oral presentation?

    The language and country sessions in The Voice of EPOS™ are a possibility for the authors to present their findings in their mother tongue. However, all posters have to be written in English, both for the topic sessions and the language sessions.

    Should you prefer to hold your oral presentation in English in a language session, please inform us at voiceofepos@myesr.org.

    For more information please see the Presenter Guidelines or contact us at voiceofepos@myesr.org!

    ECR 2017 Poster Abstract Submission

    Thank you for 3,793 submitted abstracts - the highest number ever!

    Poster abstract submission for ECR 2017 is closed. Notifications of acceptance or rejections have been sent to all submitters of poster abstracts.

    Submitters can view their abstract submissions in the EPOS abstract submission system until January 31. 2017.

    EPOS Database

    In 2003, ECR took a bold step and introduced an all-electronic scientific exhibition using EPOS™, the Electronic Presentation Online System, thus setting new standards in the medical meeting industry.

    Visit the largest database of radiological posters, containing nearly 30,000 posters from ECR 2003 onwards, as well as SERAM, RANZCR, ESSR, ESTI, ESCR and EuroSafe Imaging.

    All ECR posters (Scientific and Educational Exhibits) are published exclusively online!


    Visit the EPOS database

    EPOS Database

    Poster Upload to EPOS™

    Your poster at ECR 2017

    Posters will be included in the ECR 2017 electronic scientific exhibition if the presenting author is registered for the congress.
    Before the congress, the Scientific Exhibition Jury evaluates uploaded posters and present awards (Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude, Certificate of Merit) to the best ones.

    In addition, authors of the best-rated posters who selected the respective affirmation during abstract submission will be invited to present their work in person in a moderated poster session at The Voice of EPOS.


    What to do when your EPOS™ abstract is accepted?

    Submitting authors of accepted abstracts will be contacted via e-mail with the decision notification and the login data for the poster upload.

    The submitting author will receive login details and instructions for accessing the poster upload system. All posters must be uploaded at the EPOS poster upload system.


    Accepted posters for ECR 2017 must be uploaded by December 19, 2016 (extended deadline).



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