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Thank you for your interest in submitting your abstract to ECR 2024. Your contribution to the congress is valuable and helps enrich the field of radiology.

The abstract submission is now closed.

Before embarking on your journey to submit your abstract, we recommend reading the below sections to better understand the process and requirements for successful submission.

Please refer to the comprehensive overview below, which will seamlessly guide you through all relevant processes.

Find all relevant information at one glance below.

Abstract submission is now closed.

Submission system
All abstracts must be submitted online through www.myESR.org/abstractsubmission

Our submission system, where a guiding layout for the required information in your abstract, is provided.

The abstract can be submitted by any co-author; however, only the presenter will receive all notifications and is responsible for the oral presentation and/or the poster upload. Co-authors will not receive any notifications and will not be able to upload or present the abstract unless a presenter change occurs.

Duplicate submissions
You cannot submit the same abstract to more than one presentation format. The submission of duplicate abstracts will, unfortunately, lead to the immediate rejection of the abstract(s) involved.

Edit your Submission
If you have already submitted your abstract and wish to make changes, please contact the abstract submission team per via email ([email protected]). We will re-open the abstract for you to edit. When you carry out your edits, please make sure to re-submit.

Case Reports
Unfortunately, case reports of 3 or fewer cases cannot be accepted. We recommend submitting case reports to the ESR’s teaching case platform EURORAD, here.

Presenter registration

Valid congress registration is mandatory to present your abstract or to have your poster shown during the congress and/or permanently published after the congress.

reduced registration fee of EUR 380,- is available for all presenting authors of accepted oral and poster abstracts who are ESR members in good standing by August 31, 2023. The presenting authors of accepted abstracts without ESR 2023 membership can still register for ECR 2024 for the Opening Fee.

Important information: This offer will only be available if registration is finalised by December 19, 2023, and only applies to the presenting author (not first or any other authors). If the presenting author cannot register for the congress, they have the option to make an attending co-author or colleague the presenting author so that this person can present their work at the congress.

Each abstract receives one reduced registration ticket for the presenting author. Once the reduced registration payment is completed, the ticket is not transferrable. If the presenter change occurs before the reduced registration payment is completed, the reduced registration fee benefit is transferred to the new presenting author. Please note that the ESR will not refund any previously paid registration fees, including in cases of special offers, subsequent ticket changes or membership-related changes.

Please make sure to use the account with the same Personal ID for registration that was used to submit the abstract(s).

Presentation Formats

Once you start your submission, you can choose your preferred presentation format. However, please keep in mind that the final presentation format is exclusively decided by the Programme Planning Committee. Here is an overview of what to expect within each format:

Oral Presentation

Oral presentation abstracts will be considered for two different session types:

  • Research Presentation Sessions (RPS), allowing a short classic oral presentation followed by a short discussion.
  • Clinical Trials in Radiology (CTiR) sessions, dedicated to ongoing or recently finished multicentre trials that are likely to impact clinical practice in the future.
    The following studies are eligible:
  • Multicentre studies of any design (can be submitted with their study design, baseline data, or results).
  • Single-centre studies (only if randomised and results are available).

Poster Presentation

EPOSTM is the ESR’s Electronic Presentation Online System for scientific and educational posters.
Posters submitted for ECR will be part of the scientific exhibition at the congress and can also be published permanently on the EPOSTM online viewing platform. Find more information here.

The poster presentation format is divided into three categories:

  • EPOS for Radiologists (standard scientific1 studies, educational2 descriptions).
  • EPOS for Radiographers (radiological technologists).
  • EuroSafe3 Imaging (poster abstracts submitted with the keyword “Radioprotection” will be reviewed for the EuroSafe poster category).
  • EPOS on the Go: a new feature that re-introduces poster presentations delivered live in a casual setting.

Student Presentation

Student Sessions will take place as part of the student programme of the congress. Find out more here.


EPOS Scientific: Scientific posters can be submitted for standard scientific studies.
EPOS Educational: Educational posters can be submitted for educational descriptions, i.e. of a particular condition or procedure or a series of cases.
EPOS EuroSafe: EuroSafe Imaging posters can be submitted for all radiation protection-related topics.

Application for our support programmes is now closed: 

“Invest in the Youth” for radiologists in training and “Shape your Skills” for radiographers (radiological technologists). 

For more information, please head to www.myESR.org/supportprogrammes

Student Abstract submission is now closed.

Application procedure
Undergraduate students under the age of 30 are invited to submit their work for the ECR 2024 Student Sessions. During the submission, please select your preferred presentation format which includes already the dedicated student topic.

Students and radiographers in training are encouraged to submit abstracts on the topics listed below:

  • My educational or social project at my university
  • My scientific paper in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • My scientific paper in the field of dose optimisation in imaging
  • My first scientific paper in imaging (general radiology)

The best abstract submitters will be invited to ECR to present their work to an international audience. Selected students will receive free congress registration for ECR 2024, 4 nights of accommodation in a preselected hotel and a certificate after the congress.

Please send your required proof of profession and passport to: [email protected]

ECR 2024 will see the introduction of our latest addition, “EPOS on the Go”. This dynamic feature offers the exclusive opportunity for our top poster abstracts to be delivered in a concise live presentation. The new concept offers a casual setting for you to present to an audience on an open platform within the EPOS Lounge. Share your research live, get feedback, and network with professionals in your field through “EPOS on the Go”!

This feature will only be available after the completion of the abstract rating process in December and is exclusive to the top-rated poster abstracts only, who will be invited to sign-up via the ESR account.

More information on how to sign up for “EPOS on the Go” will be shared in due time.

At the European Society of Radiology, our mission is to continually advance the field of radiology, but we also have a deep commitment to advance the careers of young professionals like you. 

This is why we are delighted to announce an extraordinary offer that has never been seen before:

In an effort to support the active participation of trainees in the upcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR), the European Society of Radiology is offering complimentary registration for our Full Members in Training across Europe who submitted an abstract for ECR 2024 by October 15, 2023.

How to apply:

Step 1:
Are you a
Full Member in Training?
Become a member today! Head to our membership page to sign up.  

The membership is offered for radiology residents and professionals of allied sciences in training residing within the boundaries of Europe.

How to become a member? 

  • Head to your account in the UserArea
  • Find the “My Membership” section and click “Show membership status”.
  • Start your membership application.
  • After completing the sign-up process, upload your ID scan and the confirmation of training status of the department or hospital by heading to “Profile & Proof Upload”, and then selecting “Proof Documents”.

Step 2:
Check your eligibility for the offer. 
Application to the programme is open to all Full Members in Training (completed 2023 membership), who submit an abstract for ECR 2024. 

Step 3:
Submit an abstract for ECR 2024,

Step 4:
Get notified!

Abstract Presenters who are Full Members in Training and are eligible for the offer will receive a notification in December 2023 to complete their registration (rejected applicants will still be able to register for ECR 2024 for the reduced Opening Fee).

Please make sure to use the account with the same Personal ID for registration that was used to submit the abstract(s). 

Please note that the ESR will not refund any previously paid registration fees, including in cases of special offers, subsequent ticket changes or membership-related changes. 

For the selection of final recipients, abstract submission and geopolitical location are considered. The ESR reserves the right to grant the offer at its sole discretion. 

Awards are available for different presentation formats.
Find more information here.

The awarded participants will be invited to an award ceremony, and further details will be communicated via email.

Some Tips and Tricks for your writing process

It is recommended that authors prepare their abstracts in advance using any standard word processing system and then copy and paste the elements into the appropriate spaces in the submission system. The text should be submitted using standard Latin characters, and all abstracts must be submitted in English. Abstracts submitted in other languages will, unfortunately, have to be withdrawn. Please do not include references, acknowledgements, graphics, tables or figures in your abstract body.

For more detailed guidelines for your abstract submission, take a look here.

Congrats, you are ready to submit!​

After completing your abstract, click “Save Abstract”.

Click “Preview and submit”, as displayed in the purple tab at the top. Read carefully through the preview. If your abstract is ready, click “SUBMIT ABSTRACT” at the bottom. You will be transferred to the “Abstract Submission” main page, and a purple pop-up message will appear: “Your abstract has been successfully submitted.”

You can view your submitted and in-progress (incomplete) abstracts on the “Abstract Submission” main page. If the abstract is marked as “in progress”, click the “Edit” button to complete your submission.

If your abstract is marked as “submitted”, it can be viewed but cannot be edited. If you wish to edit or withdraw your abstract after submission, please contact the abstract submission team at [email protected].

Get notified

Decision notifications (acceptance or rejection, and final presentation format) will only be emailed to the presenting author (not the submitting author or co-authors) in December 2023. Please make sure to confirm your invitation for oral presentation within the timeframe indicated in the notification email.

Frequently Asked Questions

New registration: as soon as you create an account, your ESR Personal ID will be sent to your account’s email address. You can sign up for an account by clicking here.

Existing account: You can obtain your ESR Personal ID and account information via the “Reset Password” link on the submission front page. You will receive a “reset password link” via email and will then be able to reset your password accordingly.

If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If you suspect that the email address stored in your account is wrong or outdated, please do not create a new account but contact us at [email protected] to have it changed.

All abstracts have to be written in English.

Once you are logged in, the system will provide step-by-step information guiding you through the submission process:

Step 1: Create a new abstract
Step 2: Enter title, topic and the preferred presentation format
Step 3: Apply for support programmes (if applicable)
Step 4: Complete the author block and fill in the disclosures
Step 5: Fill in the body (text) of the abstract
Step 6: Enter keywords related to your abstract
Step 7: Complete all affirmations
Step 6: Preview the summary and submit your abstract 

During submission, you can choose from the following abstract types:

  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation (EPOSTM, EuroSafe Imaging)
  • Student Presentation (oral)

The Programme Planning Committee will select the best suitable final presentation format for each accepted abstract. This will be communicated together with the decision notification in December. 

The upload of up to 10 images is possible for poster presentations. Other abstract types are not eligible for image upload.

The abstract body is limited to 280 words.

The abstract submission operates with any current browser, including but not limited to current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. If you are using a Javascript blocker, make sure you do allow the execution of scripts. If you encounter problems with an old browser, please update to a newer version, or use a different browser.

No. The submission of duplicate abstracts will lead to the immediate rejection of the abstract(s) involved.

You can edit your abstract online until you click the “Submit” button.
If you wish to edit (or withdraw) your abstract after submission, you will have to contact [email protected].

The abstract submission deadline was October 15, 2023 (23:59 CET).

Notifications of acceptance/rejection will be emailed to the presenting author in December.

If your abstract is accepted, you will receive a notification of acceptance by email in December. This will also include login details and further instructions for the poster upload.

Medical students could submit abstracts by indicating their preferred presentation format, which already included the dedicated student topic. Abstract submission is now closed.

If you have any questions about abstract submission, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


For any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact [email protected].

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Reduced registration fees for ECR 2024:
Provided that ESR 2023 membership is activated and approved by August 31, 2023 (excl. "Members in Training Offer").

Reduced registration fees for ECR 2025:
Provided that ESR 2024 membership is activated and approved by August 31, 2024.

Not all activities included
Examination based on the ESR European Training Curriculum (radiologists or radiology residents).
European Radiology, Insights into Imaging, European Radiology Experimental.