Download Your Booth Template


Below you will find our beautifully designed ECR booth templates as well as booth templates provided by EXPO-IP. Feel free to use these as a background image for your virtual booth at ECR 2020’s virtual exhibition. Edit the templates by inserting your banners, video screenshots, logo etc.

The .zip files below contain both preview files of the templates (format .jpg/.png) as well as the actual .psd files for editing. Furthermore, we have included a short instruction on how to edit the files in Photoshop.

Kindly note, you are not bound to use one of the provided booth templates as the background image of your virtual booth. You may use any image as long as the following requirements are met:

  • width: 1920px, height: 1136px
  • format for uploading: .jpg, .png or .gif file
  • file size: up to 1 MB

For information on how to upload and assign the background image to your virtual booth, please see the step by step instructions in our manual (p. 5 ff).



How to edit your virtual booth template in Photoshop