Paul M. Parizel

Chair of the ESR Board of Directors

Dear ESR Member, Dear Colleague, Dear Friend,

Now that summer is over, the ESR looks forward to many exciting activities this fall. I am proud to start my update of this [email protected] issue by announcing a new membership record! For the first time ever, the ESR is proud to announce that we have passed the 70,000 mark, and we reached a total of 73,000 members as of August 31, 2017. This is a huge achievement, and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support of our society. 73,000 is much more than just a number. It means that there are 73,000 dedicated professionals who believe in the project of the European Society of Radiology. Thank you for your confidence.

As you know, we place great value on developing good relationships with our member societies. During the upcoming months the members of the ESR Board of Directors and Executive Council will invest their time and energy to attend many national and subspecialty meetings. In November, as we did every year, the ESR will invite the luminaries of its Institutional Member Societies to the ESR Annual Leadership Meeting. This will be a great event to continue structuring and building the future of radiology. I look forward to welcoming the representatives of our national, subspecialty and allied sciences member societies for discussions and the exchange of ideas. This is of great importance for the radiological community at large. In this context, please be aware that the ESR concept paper on Value Based Radiology has been published in Insights into Imaging. We are going to dedicate a timeslot to this topic during the Annual Leadership Meeting, in order provide our member societies the opportunity to voice their opinion on this burning issue. I would like to thank all our Institutional Member Societies for sending their comments and ideas. This has not only significantly contributed towards improving the paper, but it also reflected the importance of the topic. The ESR Board of Directors will meet again in the beginning of October, in order to prepare for the many exciting endeavours ahead.

In addition to fostering the exchange with our European partners, the ESR is also dedicated to continuously strengthening its relations on an international and inter-professional level. As always, this fall I have planned several bilateral meetings, online and face to face, with our friends and partners from all over the world. Regarding inter-professional relations, I am personally very happy to report that the ESR has recently renewed its Memorandum of Understanding with the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, EORTC (for more details, please see a separate section of this newsletter), thus paving the way for future common projects. The ESR looks forward to continuing and further enhancing our successful collaboration.

Regarding ECR 2018 I am happy to announce that registration for the meeting has been open since the beginning of September. Please do not forget to take the opportunity to register now for ECR 2018 with reduced early bird fees available until November 15. I look forward to welcoming many of you in Vienna.

Finally, as Chair of the ESR Board of Directors I say a big ‘Thank you’ for your unwavering interest and support of our society. You are the lifeblood of ESR, and I am greatly appreciative of your commitment. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or the ESR blog. I also invite you to get in touch with the editorial team at [email protected] if you have any topic suggestions for [email protected]

Prof. dr. Paul M. Parizel
Chair of the ESR Board of Directors