Health expenditure in Europe, 2015

Source: OECD (2016), Health at a Glance: Europe 2016. State of health in the EU cycle. Available here.

Health expenditure in OECD countries, 2015

Source: OECD (2015), Health at a Glance: OECD Indicators, OECD Publishing. Available here.

Growth of health expenditures in OECD countries, 2001-2013

Source: OECD (2015), Slow growth in health spending but Europe lags behind. Available here.

National Health Expenditures in the United States
(Data kindly compiled by the American College of Radiology)

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, available here.

Annual net income of radiology trainees in Europe (in EUR)

Source: RTF/ESR Survey 2012

Medical imaging cost models

Source:  Euro-BioImaging, Strategic Inventory Map: Outcome of Survey (2011). Available here.


Survey Methodology: Euro-BioImaging conducted a Europe-wide survey on imaging research infrastructure that ran from June 1 to July 15 2011 with the aim of establishing an inventory of existing imaging infrastructure and assessing the needs of users, providers, industry and funders. Responses were received from 660 participants. However, results are not representative or comprehensive for each technology or country and therefore need to be interpreted with caution.

Economic situation of radiographers in Europe, 2012

Source: European Federation of Radiographer Societies (2013). EFRS Survey 2 – 2012: Radiographer Societies in Europe. Published June 2013, results correct as of February 2013.

Survey Methodology: the second EFRS member survey (first survey: 2010) was carried out by the EFRS among national radiographer societies in 29 European countries using both closed and open questions. Out of the EFRS’s 35 member societies, 32 completed the questionnaire. Please note that not every question was completed by all of the 32 respondents.

A list of participating countries and national societies is available here. More information on the EFRS can be found here.