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ECR 2022 Lead Retrieval System  

Guidelines & Order Form 

The ECR 2022 Lead Retrieval System is a state-of-the-art, fast and easy system for companies/societies to record contact information of ECR 2022 participants.  

By simply scanning a visitor's badge with your smartphone/tablet, the contact is entered into the companies/societies database, including relevant product information and additional comments. The data is stored in ESR MyUserArea and can be exported as an excel file. 

Leads retrieved during the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2022 are handled by the ExCR GmbH. In order to register the contact information as described above into the system, there are two options at your disposal:

"Bring your own device"

The ECR 2022 lead system is a web application. This means that you can bring your own device to scan participants’ badges. Simply login into ESR MyUserArea with your email & password and open the “onsite dashboard” from the menu. 

You will be allowed to either purchase a certain number of licenses or make use of the web service / API. One license can only be used on one device and is valid for the duration of the congress. Licenses will be assigned to users in the ESR MyUserArea.

“Web service/API”

ECR 2022 congress badges will be equipped with a QR-code (contains only ESR Personal ID) to collect data. This will allow ECR 2022 exhibitors to bring and use their own devices and applications.

The web service is a RESTful (representational state transfer) web service that requires a bearer authentication to retrieve information.

Cost Overview: 
  1. Web service/API:  
    - Early deadline: EUR 1,250,- for setup + EUR 1.25 per set of data (orders until June 10)
    - Late deadline: EUR 1,500,- for setup + EUR 1.25 pers set of data (orders after June 10)

    First payment: Setup cost (to be processed prior ECR 2022) 
    Final payment: Amount according to actual leads (to be processed after ECR 2022)

  1. User Licenses 
    License per user to access the web application. 
    1 License = 1 Team Member, 2 Licenses = 2 Team Members etc. 

Name / Item Cost
1 License EUR 495,00
2 Licenses EUR 940,00
3 Licenses EUR 1.340,00
4 Licenses EUR 1.700,00
5 Licenses EUR 2.025,00
6 Licenses EUR 2.315,00
7 Licenses EUR 2.580,00
8 Licenses EUR 2.815,00
9 Licenses EUR 3.030,00
10 Licenses EUR 3.220,00
Each additional license + EUR 150,00


Administrative procedure:

Please order licenses or the web service/API via the web form available in the next step.

Order Confirmation & Offer & Invoice
After receipt of the order, you will receive an offer from ExCR GmbH. As soon as this has been signed and returned, you will receive the invoice. The licenses will only be activated after full payment.

Lead capture
Once your account is activated you can use the web application or web service to collect the data.

Data provision
As data is stored directly in the ESR MyUserArea, you have immediate access to the lists of leads, which can be downloaded easily.

Conditions of Purchase:

★ Deadline for booking is June 30, 2022.

★ All prices are excl. of the Austrian VAT (20%).

★ All changes and/or additional on-site orders will incur extra costs.

★ Offers by the ExCR GmbH are not binding and are subject to amendment and alterations until an acceptance of order is issued.

★ Faults in the services provided by ExCR GmbH are to be communicated within 14 days in writing (by e-mail), describing the fault. Otherwise, the customer shall not be entitled to make any claims under warranty, liability or some misapprehension with regard to the services being free from fault.

Cancellations will be accepted in writing only. Terms of cancellation:
50% of the total costs will be due in case of cancellation before June 10, 2022.
For cancellations made after June 10, 2022, 100% of the total fee shall be payable.

Terms and Conditions

Please note, that this is a non-binding booking inquiry.
The ExCR’s Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here