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Meeting Rooms Booking Form
& Guidelines 2022

Please note that all meeting room bookings are handled by the ExCR GmbH.


★★ Please fill in the booking form.

★★ Upon receipt of your booking form, the ExCR GmbH will get back to you and provide further information. 
★★ After confirmation by the booking party, ExCR GmbH will issue the respective invoice/PO.

Conditions of purchase

★★ The minimum booking time is 2 hours.

★★ A room booking will only be guaranteed if the offer has been confirmed in writing and the ExCR GmbH has received the payment latest by June 22, 2022.

★★ Deadline for regular room booking is June 10, 2022.

★★ For any room bookings after the deadline the ExCR GmbH charges additional 50% on the regular fee.

★★ Cancellations will be accepted in writing only. Terms of cancellation:
50% of the total costs will be due in case of cancellation until June 10, 2022.
For cancellations made after June 10, 2022, 100% of the total fee shall be payable.

★★ All prices are excl. of the Austrian VAT (20%).

★★ All changes and/or additional on-site orders will incur extra costs.

★★ Offers by the ExCR GmbH are not binding and are subject to amendment and alterations until an acceptance of order is issued.

★★ Faults in the services provided by ExCR GmbH are to be communicated within 14 days in writing (by e-mail), describing the fault. Otherwise the customer shall not be entitled to make any claims under warranty, liability or some misapprehension with regard to the services being free from fault.

★★ If the ExCR GmbH is required to pay any fine or penalty or incurs any expenditure from the ACV by reason of the renting party’s failure or damage, the renting party shall reimburse the ExCR GmbH, on demand, any amount so paid or expenditure so incurred.

★★ Meeting Rooms will be allocated according to the number of attendees/seating arrangement and availability.

★★ Special seating arrangements are subject to additional charges.

★★ A valid name badge is required to attend the meeting.
Temporary meeting badges will only be provided at a fee of €200 (incl. VAT). Please contact [email protected].

★★ All Meeting Rooms will be equipped with basic audiovisual equipment consisting of a data projector and a screen or a plasma (depending on the room size, the basic equipment may also include sound amplification).

★★ Rooms booked shall not be used for the purpose of product presentations. Exceptions may only be granted by the ExCR GmbH.

Please note that this is a non-binding booking inquiry.
The ExCR’s Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.