Guidelines for Recording your Presentation using Powerpoint

IMPORTANT: These guidelines will help you prepare your recording WITHOUT speaker video; should you wish to appear in your recording, which is preferred, we invite you to record your presentation using Zoom with these guidelines.

Please be sure to read these guidelines all the way through and to ensure full comprehension before commencing the recording of your presentation.

How to record your presentation using Powerpoint

Please make sure you have ready: 

  • Your computer with either Windows or MacOS. You can use the ECR 2021 PPT template if you would like.
  • Your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Internet connection.
  • Headphones and a microphone.
  • Webcam.
  1. Pleae use PowerPoint format 16:9.
  2. You can use the ECR 2021 PPT template if you would like.
  3. Simplify material on the slide to illustrate a single point or idea. If there is an abundance of data, divide it into several slides. The content of a slide should be comprehensible in 20 seconds.
  4. Aim to limit your slides to no more than two for each minute of your presentation.
  5. Be sure the information on the slides of your radiological images is well presented – enlargements of the significant areas and arrows are often helpful.
  6. Do not overuse animations available in PowerPoint.
  7. Include in the second slide any conflict of interest that needs to be disclosed or the sentence "I do not have any conflict of interest to disclose" as necessary.
  8. Avoid any sexist jokes and comments.
  9. Patient names must not appear on the slides.
  10. Avoid commercial reference unless mandatory to your presentation.

Recording your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Open your prepared PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Plug in your headset for audio recording to ensure best audio quality.
  3. Click on the “Slide Show” tab of the ribbon.
  4. Click on “Record Slide Show” and "Record from beginning".
  5. If you have a webcam installed, you may find that the camera options has automatically activated. We ask that you turn off your camera as videos preparecordred using PowerPoint with a presenter window are not compatible with the online platform. If you wish to record a presentation with a presenter window, we invite you to watch our video “Recording Your Presentation Using Zoom”. As we cannot have the camera activated in PowerPoint, you will need to go down to the bottom-right corner and make sure the camera icon is deselected.rding, disable the video feed by clicking on the person icon in the bottom-right corner. This way you will only record audio and the transitions of your slides.
  6. When you are ready to start, click on the red record button in the top-left corner – it will give you a countdown (3 – 2 – 1) and will start recording. As you progress through your recorded presentation, PowerPoint will automatically embed individual audio/videos for each slide. Therefore, you can pause (||) and “clear the recording of the current slide” or “clear recording on All Slides” should you wish to and start over.
  7. IMPORTANT: When changing slides, you must stop talking as the audio is paused for a second when you click to the next slide. Be sure to speak clearly and at a reasonable pace.
  8. The recording will stop when you go to the “next” slide after your last one.
  9. You have now successfully recorded your presentation.
  10. If you want to review the recording, simply “preview” your slide show.
  11. Once you are satisfied with your recording, click on “file” then “export” then “create a video”.
  12. Select the settings: Full HD (1080p) and “Use recorded timings and narrations”.
  13. Click on “create video” and save it as an .MP4 file, being sure to name it with your presentation title and name. A progress bar will appear along the bottom of the window to indicate the progress of the video exportation.
  14. Once the process of Powerpoint has ended. Locate the .mp4 file of the recording and open it.
    1. Review your lecture.
      1. Is the audio clear and there is no audio missing when you switch slides?
      2. Are you happy with the overall lecture?
  15. If you are happy with your video, please open the link provided to you in the email regarding these guidelines and upload your presentation.
  16. If you are not happy with your video, please go back to the beginning of this section and record it again.


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