Guidelines for the Session

  1. To begin, please open both links in the email sent to you on Thursday, February 25, the Zoom meeting link and the Slido link, 45 minutes before the commencement of the session to join the video call and to allow time for a technical check.
  2. It is important that you do not have ESR Connect open during your session as it may interfere with your presentation.
  3. Once the technical check has been completed and the session's starting time has been reached, the technical staff will inform you that the live session is about to commence. The broadcast of the session will switch between the live Zoom meeting and the recorded lectures. This switch will be controlled by the technical staff. You will be able to follow the entire session, including the recorded lectures, directly from your Zoom meeting screen. If you are presenting in real-time, you need to be ready to share your screen; this will be tested during the technical check.
  4. At the commencement of the session, the Zoom meeting will be in the gallery view, displaying the moderator and all speakers while the moderator provides the introductions. In between each of the recorded presentations, the Zoom meeting will be in the speaker view, displaying only the moderator as they introduce the next presentation. At the end of the final presentation, the Zoom meeting will then return to the gallery view to show all participants for the live Q&A. It is important to note that in between the presentations, when the Zoom meeting is in the speaker view and only displaying the moderator, anything said by any speaker will still be picked up and broadcast. We, therefore, request that you mute your microphones during these times.

    MODERATORS: Please be attentive to the duration of the recorded presentations, which can be seen in the video progress bar running along the bottom of the video, to be prepared for when the broadcast is switched from the recorded presentation back to the live streaming of the Zoom meeting. This is to ensure you are prepared to thank the previous speaker and introduce the next presentation *(see Moderator’s Script below).
    If you have co-moderator(s), please discuss before the session how you want to divide the moderating task.
  5. Viewers will be encouraged to ask questions to the speakers during the presentations. These questions will be monitored by the ESR staff and, once approved, will appear in the ADMIN Slido live chat box.

In the live chat, you will be able to read the questions, see how many likes a question has gotten, mark questions that you think would be appropriate to be asked during the live Q&A with stars and answer questions in writing.

  1. While the recorded presentations are being broadcast, we encourage the speaker of the broadcasted presentation to monitor the incoming questions and respond to those questions that can be answered quickly with a text response and mark questions with a star that you think would make for interesting conversation during the live Q&A.
    The other speakers are, of course, also welcome to read the comments and questions, and answer where appropriate, but should also be sure to view the presentations to be able to engage in a lively conversation during the live Q&A.
  2. Before the start of the live Q&A, the moderator should then filter the chat for those questions marked with a star to help narrow down which questions to ask. Please note that not all starred questions will need to be asked during the live Q&A, it is merely to be used as a way to consolidate the most interesting questions. Please also have some questions prepared in case there are no audience questions.
  1. The moderator should make a note of the scheduled session end time and instigate the close of the session by thanking the speakers and wrapping up the session at the scheduled time. The technical staff will be responsible for ending the broadcast.
  2. Should there be many interesting, unanswered questions after the broadcast ended, you are invited to remain in the ADMIN Slido live chat box to answer those in writing. When you finish answering questions, you can simply close the ADMIN Slido. 

Moderator’s Script

The following script is to provide you with a general idea of how the session will run and what information the moderator is expected to provide at each stage of the session. Please feel free to modify and personalise the text as you see fit.

Please also ensure to have the session information, including the session title, the presenters’ names, and the presentation titles, marked down in advance as ESR Connect should not be open during the live session. In the Programme, click on your session to see all the relevant details.

Hello and welcome everyone to our session today entitled “[Session title].” We have a very interesting session for you all and are fortunate enough to be joined by [List the names of the speakers].

After the presentations, we will finish the session with a live Q&A with all the speakers. As such, I strongly encourage all of you watching to ask your questions in the chat box below this video. Some of these questions will be answered throughout the presentations, and the most interesting queries will be addressed during the live Q&A.

It is my pleasure to now commence this session by handing over to [Speaker 1] with their presentation entitled “[Presentation title 1].”


Thank you very much, [Speaker 1], for that very interesting and educational presentation. Thank you also to everyone who has been submitting questions. Please keep the questions coming as we will address as many as we can in the live Q&A.
Next, it is my pleasure to now introduce [Speaker 2] with the presentation “[Presentation title 2].”


Thank you very much [Speaker 2] for that very interesting and educational presentation. Thank you also to everyone who has been submitting questions. Please keep the questions coming as we will address as many as we can in the live Q&A.
Next, it is my pleasure to now introduce [Speaker 3] with the presentation “[Presentation title 3].”


Thank you [Speaker 3] for another very interesting and educational presentation. And thank you to everyone who asked a question in the chat during the presentations. We have gathered your questions and it is now my pleasure to put them to our speakers today. So, let me begin with this question…

(*It is the moderator's role to select the questions and decide which ones will be posed to the group).