Postponement ECR 2020

Dear Congress Participant,
Dear Friend,

ECR 2020 is postponed to July 15–19, 2020 – please mark your calendars!

Please note that this postponement is a fully equivalent replacement for the planned event originally scheduled for March 11–15.

It goes without saying that registration fees for the event as well as for the online services will remain in place for the new congress date. Registration to the ECR 2020 remains open.

After careful evaluation of the spreading corona virus epidemic, and considering the recent statements issued by the WHO and the ECDC, and the related evolving world-wide restrictions and crisis, the ESR was forced to make this decision. Above all, we have analysed the recommendations from the Austrian health authorities for large-scale events and came to the conclusion that we are not in a position to fulfil their requirements and guarantee a safe congress for our participants and industry partners at this time. The safety, health and well-being of our delegates and partners will always be the highest priority for the ESR.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our participants and industry partners for their understanding, continuous support and flexibility. The majority of our industry partners have already expressed their ongoing commitment and are fully on board for ECR 2020 in July.

Please rest assured that in these turbulent and challenging times, the entire ESR and ECR team are doing their best to respond to any query at the earliest possible time and to make ECR 2020 a spectacular and memorable event for all.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you to Vienna in July!

Yours sincerely,

Boris Brkljačić, ESR President

the ECR team 

Children in Focus at ECR 2020

The European Society of Radiology will be bringing the next ‘in Focus’ programme, Children in Focus, to ECR 2020. The programme will explore a range of healthcare and social issues affecting children and young people.

The sessions will feature a wide variety of speakers from across the spectrum of healthcare industries, both patients and professionals, sharing inspirational stories from their own personal experiences, offering advice, and asking the tough questions about children and the care they receive around the world. Topics will include bringing healthcare to children in low-resource areas, using imaging in cases of child abuse, and discussing hotly debated issues such as consent, data use and medicolegal dilemmas in paediatric medicine. 

Taking place in Room O, the programme will feature two sessions each day on Thursday, July 16 and Friday July 17. A complimentary coffee break will take place in between each session.

Children in Focus, which is held in memoriam Dr. Helen M.L. Carty, is being coordinated by Dr. Lil-Sofie Ording Müller, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, and Dr. Catherine Owens, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Dr. Lil-Sofie Ording Müller

Dr. Catherine Owens

Children in Focus is organised by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) in proud partnership with the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR).

Children in Focus Programme

The patient journey: from foetus to adulthood 

Every human being undertakes an incredible journey through life involving miraculous complex physical and mental transformation from foetal life through adolescence to adulthood and thence an aging process. Early life involves complete dependence on carers progressing to being granted the rights and responsibilities of an adult. Throughout history society has transformed the way children are perceived and eventually treated as independent individuals. This session will take us through the patient journey - from foetus to adulthood. This will be presented from historical, medical and personal perspectives.

Category: Paediatric, Oncologic Imaging
Thursday, July 16, 2020/14:00-15:30/Room O

  • Chairperson's introduction (5 min)
    Catherine M. Owens, Doha/QA
  • In Memoriam Prof. Helen M.L. Carty (2 min)
    Austin Carty, Liverpool/UK
  • From Women in Focus to Children in Focus (5 min)
    Hedvig Hricak, New York/US
  • Inspiration behind Children in Focus (5 min)
    Boris Brkljačić, Zagreb/HR
  • The Fetus – From imagination to imaging (18 min)
    Lorenzo Derchi, Genoa/IT
  • The impact of advanced medical intervention on childhood malignancy - Where we are now and why we need to be here (18 min)
    Paul Veys, London/UK
  • My personal journey through childhood cancer in pictures - a ten year marathon (18 min)
    Oscar Parry, London/UK
    Phil Parry, London/UK
  • Panel discussion: Where are we now and what has really changed? (19 min)

This session will be followed by a complimentary coffee break in the foyer outside Room O. Full session details here


Against all odds: Bringing healthcare to children in low resource areas

Access to proper healthcare is essential for a safe upbringing. In this session the optimal way to receive and deliver healthcare to children in low resource areas will be discussed, particularly addressing the role of radiologists and other health professionals in developmental aid-programs.

Category: Paediatric, Education
Friday, July 17, 2020/14:00-15:30/Room O

  • Chairperson’s introduction (6 min)
    Karen Rosendahl, Bergen/NO
  • Child health in the SDG era (16 min)
    Anshu Banerjee, Geneva/CH
  • Children's health and educational poverty in Italy - A Bracco Foundation case study (16 min)
    Gaela Bernini, Bracco Foundation/IT
  • ESPR Outreach Task Force - What is our best way to help? (16 min)
    Joanna Kasznia-Brown, Taunton/UK
  • Panel discussion: How can we efficiently reach out to children in low resource areas to develop self-sustainable aid-programs? (20 min)

This session will be followed by a complimentary coffee break in the foyer outside Room O. Full session details here

Medicolegal dilemmas in paediatric medicine

Children are vulnerable individuals hence legal and social systems must ensure their protection to secure a safe and healthy upbringing. The definitions of childrens’ rights, and what can be perceived as ‘violence’ is defined by adults. In this session, medicolegal dilemmas in paediatric medicine will be discussed with a special focus on how we recognise medical and legal evidence for abuse and how cultural differences may influence what we perceive as violence to children’s rights.

Category: Medico-legal, Paediatric, Forensic Imaging, Professional Issues
Thursday, July 16, 2020/16:00-17:30/Room O

  • Chairperson’s introduction (6 min)
    Amaka Offiah, Sheffield/UK

  • Child abuse, creation of a non-disease? The Swedish report versus IPR/ESPR white paper - Is anything really ever black and white? (16 min)
    Arabinda Choudhary, Little Rock, AK/US

  • Medical evidence from a legal perspective (16 min)
    Wilma Duijst, Maastricht/NL

  • "The EU perspective - Is child abuse a homogenous ‘disease’ across Europe? - Cultural aspects" (16 min)
    Maria Raissaki, Heraklion/GR

  • Child sexual abuse in India among children from marginalised backgrounds (16 min)
    Reena Mary George, Vienna/AT

  • Panel discussion: How can we secure credible evidence regarding child abuse in order to protect both children and their carers? (20 min)

Full session details here

The child as an individual: whose life is it anyway?

Children should be heard but the parents or carers have some entitlement to make decisions on behalf their child. But, what if any decisions could be made by parents or carers? In this session the ethical dilemmas of parental autonomy versus the integrity and legal rights of the child will be discussed with a special focus on consent and restraint for medical procedures, sharing medical data e.g. on social media, and the importance of respecting the rights of the child as an individual. 

Category: Medico-legal, Paediatric, Imaging Methods, Professional Issues, Radiographers
Friday, July 17, 2020/16:00-17:30/Room O

  • Chairperson’s introduction (6 min)
    Bella Said, London/UK
  • Parental and cultural autonomy - Can carers make any decisions on behalf of their child? (18 min)
    Eduard Verhagen, Gronigen/NL
  • Use of restraints in children - What is acceptable, when and why? (18 min)
    Jørgen Dahlberg, Oslo/NO
  • Paediatric Radiology – Is there really any point? (18 min)
    Øystein Olsen, London/UK
  • Panel discussion: Who defines what is best for the child? (22 min)
  • Closing remarks (8 min)
    Lil-Sofie Ording Müller, Oslo/NO
    Catherine M. Owens, Doha/QA

Full session details here

Women in Focus at ECR 2019

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